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Stocking your Empty Aisles

In this webinar, you'll uncover the significant opportunity for retailers to improve how they serve online shoppers with various allergies, health requirements and lifestyle choices. 

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Empty Aisles Shopability Report

Discover how you can optimize your advanced faceted search filters to capitalize on popular consumer need states. 

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Activating Attributes Report

The top 100 missed revenue opportunities for CPG brands not optimizing for highly searched product attributes.

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The New CPG Imperative

In this webinar, you'll learn the how winning CPGs and grocery retailers are redefining personalization to deliver individualized experiences to win, serve and retain more online grocery shoppers.

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Charting the Course for Continued Center Store Growth

In this webinar, you'll receive a full view of which specific growth opportunities you should consider, both as COVID-19 continues and after the U.S. returns to a more “normal” environment.

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Stocking the Digital Shelf

In this webinar, you'll walk away with strategic insights that can be implemented right away to improve the discoverability of your products to sell more effectively online and capture more revenue.

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6 Steps to Accelerate CPG Ecommerce Growth

In this guide, you'll discover the 6 key steps CPGs need to take in order to accelerate their product discovery and grow e-commerce sales.

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Attribute-Driven Ecommerce Demo

Learn how Attribute-Driven E-commerce by Label Insight can help CPGs create robust, accurate, and relevant product content for better discoverability and sales growth.

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Label Insight Ecommerce Solution Overview

Learn how Label Insight Ecommerce Solution can grow E-commerce Sales By Improving Your Search Performance & Online Product Discoverability.

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Explore Market Navigator Overview

Learn how Explore can make you smarter faster by delivering the competitive product and market intelligence you need to increase growth, innovate, and stay ahead of the market.

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BE Disclosure: Demystifying the Next Steps

In this webinar, learn about the new U.S. Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, what it covers, who is regulated and when does it goes into effect, as well as how to comply with the disclosure requirements.

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Unlocking Hidden Growth using Attributes

In this webinar, learn how category managers are segmenting the market by attribute trends to help find hidden pockets of high growth in flat or declining categories.

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Going Beyond the Label with SmartLabel

Learn how the SmartLabel experience can generate value for brands and address digital shopper expectations while enabling true digital transformation.

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Discovery Solution Overview

Learn how Discover for E-commerce Product Discoverability enables you to deliver advanced search and filtering and improved personalization and engagement.

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LabelSync Case Study (Conagra)

Learn how Conagra is using LabelSync for SmartLabel to power digital product transparency, comply with new labeling mandates, and capitalize on grocery e-commerce.

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Health & Wellness Data Solution Overview

Learn about Health & Wellness (H&W) Data for Store Programs delivers best-in-class product data at scale to make your innovations come to life and to better engage your shoppers.

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Explore+ Solution Overview

Learn about EXPLORE+ for Attribute Analysis & Insights to sell more and innovate ahead of the market with attribute-driven insights.

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Retail Views Solution Overview

Learn about Retail Views for Brand & Attribute Management to gain visibility and control over how your products are sold.

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LabelSync Solution Overview

Learn about LabelSync for Product Data Management & Digital Transparency can help free yourself from incomplete and fragmented product data across your ecosystem.

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Transparency Imperative Report

Provides insights and examines the many aspects of consumers' desire for transparency, and provides guidance for the industry next steps.

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Category Management White Paper

Learn how Category Management practitioners can unlock hidden buying trends and growth white spaces to deliver portfolio and category growth.

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Label Insight Food Revolution Study

How consumer demand for transparency is shaping the food industry.

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Label Insight Transparency ROI Study

Driving long-term trust and loyalty through transparency.

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Ingredient Confusion Study

Confusing ingredients cause shoppers to consider switching brands even if it means paying more.

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Label Insight: Our Story

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Label Insight: Transparency Matters™

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Label Insight Enables Product Transparency

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The Consumer Demand for Product Transparency

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How Transparency Affects Trust and Loyalty for Brands

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