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Powering Transparency at the Intersection of Retailers, Brands, and Consumers.

"Should I Buy This?"

Today, millions of us will ask this question about hundreds of product options. It’s a simple question, but one that's surprisingly difficult to answer from person to person and product to product. It's the fundamental question that sparked our founder's vision, and led to the creation of Label Insight — today’s leading provider of enriched product data and technology-first transparency solutions for the packaged goods and grocery retail industries.

Data-Powered Transparency Requires Digital Transformation

Taking on transparency requires an evolution of data across your business. No matter where you are in your process, Label Insight's high-order attribute data can deliver insights to unlock sales growth, enhance transparency and personalization through digital labels and e-commerce, and create new opportunities for growth and innovation in monetization of data and services. 

Discover how Label Insight data can help to solve your business and data challenges:




At The Intersection of Retailers, Brands, and Consumers

Label Insight is creating transparency at the intersection of retailers, brands, and consumers, with an industry-leading platform for CPG product attribute data covering more than 80 percent of top-selling food, pet, and personal care items in the U.S. The company's technology combines supply chain and on-package product information and employs patented data science and machine learning capabilities to create more than 22,000 high-order attributes per product. This solution set delivers transparency to consumers and powers digital transformation through analytics, marketing, merchandising and e-commerce solutions for leading organizations across the Retail, Brand Manufacturer, Government and Technology industries.

Consumers: Ever Increasing Demand to Know More

Today’s shoppers face a difficult problem — as we continue to pay ever closer attention to specific characteristics, features, and ingredients in the products they consider, the information we’re looking for remains difficult to find. This challenge is magnified by the on-demand information expectation created by smartphones and the ever-present search field. Even with these sophisticated tools at our fingertips, finding accurate, complete, and trustworthy information about the products we want to buy remains hard to accomplish. In 2016, 39% of shoppers said they would switch to buying brands that offered more complete information — in 2018 75% said they would switch, a 93% increase. Transparency is not a passing trend. In fact, it's now a core expectation of every shopper.

Retailers: Looking to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Retailers find themselves increasingly on the hook to meet consumer information needs — and the stakes are high. Consumers vote with their wallets, and in a world of flat or declining sales, retailers need real-world solutions for how to personalize their customer's product and shopping experiences in a way that drives short-term growth and long-term loyalty. This means a new emphasis on developing health and wellness shopper experiences designed to make finding and choosing products simple and easy, and personalized to meet individual consumer needs — both in-store and online, and at scale across all products, in all stores, and for all customers.

Brands: Facing New Demands For Information

Brand Manufacturers increasingly see the challenge, and the opportunity, of delivering better transparency about their products to both consumers and their retail partners. The challenge increasingly centers on achieving an accurate and complete set of product attribute data that can be both consumer-facing and configured to meet an increasingly complex set of requirements for retail partners, e-commerce item set up, digital transparency, and category management. As consumer and retailer demand for product information shifts and grows, Brands are in search of solutions that enable them to remain current, consistent, and align to consumer behavior and growth.

Enabling Data-Driven Transparency

We help product makers connect directly with the people that matter most to them — their customers. By powering data-driven solutions for digital transparency such as SmartLabel®, Label Insight enables Brands to claim their products own voice in their conversation with consumers with accurate, complete, brand verified product information, including the off-package and derived attributes consumers seek. Data-powered transparency builds trust and loyalty among consumers and leads to growth for brands.

Delivering Differentiation With Health & Wellness

We enable retailers to build health & wellness solutions that create differentiated shopping experiences for their customers. Our unique data allows our retail customers to define their own standards for product attributes that matter to their customers and apply those attribute to their entire assortment at scale. When retailers commit to defining standards for attributes like minimally processed, nutrient-dense, low-sugar and hundreds more, and apply those attributes to their entire assortment, they create powerful product search and discovery tools in the aisle and online. Delivering this kind of transparency-focused innovation in the shopping experience builds trust, loyalty, and bottom line growth with their shoppers.

Connecting Retailers and Brands Through Data and Technology

At our core, we help retailers and brands see each other clearly around the products they offer to consumers. Our innovative, frictionless, and free-to-use supplier onboarding enables manufacturers to easily comply with retailer product data and attribution needs while achieving assortment coverage goals for the retailer. When retailers and brands use Label Insight high-order attribute data to collaborate, innovative approaches to Category Management, Shopper Marketing, Portfolio Management, and Shopper Segmentation are unlocked.

Label Insight Is Trusted By Industry's Leading Brands

Conagra Brands
Topco Associates
Bimbo Bakeries
King's Hawaiian
Ben & Jerry's
B&G Foods
Blue Diamond

“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Tracy Shepard-Rashkin,
Sustainable Communities and Top Dish Brand Manager

“Label Insight has provided invaluable product and ingredient data to power Raley’s Shelf Guide program. With high order attribute data, we can help our customers make informed shopping decisions and create an improved e-commerce experience.”

Michael Teel,
CEO, Raley's

“We have a long way to go as a country to improve the diets of all Americans, and it’s almost unimaginable to think about how we could improve the food supply unless we have a way to track what’s in it. Data from Label Insight are important to define the food environment on a scale and level of granularity that just hasn’t been possible until recently.”

Dr. Mark Huffman
Practicing Cardiologist, Researcher, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

"When Unilever senior leadership informed us in November 2016 that we needed to have all 2,000 of our products live on SmartLabel by June 2017, it seemed like an impossible task, until I found Label Insight. Signing on with Label Insight was an easy decision because, without them, Unilever would not have been able to implement SmartLabel so quickly.“

Patrizia Barone, Ph.D., Regulatory Affairs -
Global Foods & Refreshment and North American Region, Unilever

The Transparency Imperative

Product Labeling from the Consumer Perspective

This Food Marketing Institute report, made possible by the support of Label Insight, gives insights and examines the many aspects of consumers' desire for transparency, and provides guidance for industry next steps.


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