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Forbes: 6 Awesome Tech Companies To Intern For--According To Interns Themselves

Posted by Press on Oct 9, 2017 11:42:00 AM

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5. Label Insight: Peter Kimes, Inter-Departmental Intern

What a cross-departmental internship looks like: "My role at Label Insight was based mostly in the customer success and finance departments. On the finance side, I was working primarily on projects to examine spending, revenue projection, and day-to-day expense reports. For customer success I was able to work on reviewing various client contracts, put together training decks, and help implement our brand new CRM tool. I also had a great time helping out in marketing; there was always something new and fun to learn about."

His favorite thing about the company: "For me, what made Label Insight a killer internship were the people and the work environment. I had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing, hard-working people. They were all so willing to help me out or find me interesting projects to work on. It was gratifying to work for a company that wasn’t just about the next selfie app, but trying to make a difference in the world. Also, I loved having dogs in the office every Friday."

Advice for aspiring startup interns: "My advice would first be to find startups that spark your interest, whether that be a mobile app, tech solutions, or consulting. After that, do your research and really find out what makes that company special or unique. At Label Insight, the fact that we were trying to solve a bigger problem affecting so many people was a big plus for me. Finally, reach out and talk to contacts in the company or in the industry. Startups usually tend to find a younger workforce, and I always found everyone was extremely willing to talk to college students and help them out."

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