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Empty Aisles Cover ShotRetail Audit

Empty Aisles: The Grocery
E-Commerce Shopability Audit


Download the groundbreaking report that shines a light on the plight of online shoppers with specific health and wellness needs and reveals the massive opportunity for retailers to better serve this growing group of consumers.

What's in the Report?

Keto. Heart Smart. Gluten-free. No added sugar. Peanut-free. Hypoallergenic. Paraben-free. Low FODmap. Fair Trade. Sustainably Grown. Cruelty-free. Clean. These are a few of the hundreds of attributes related to need-states commonly searched for by consumers. 

The demand for personalization is rising as fast as consumer expectations of a seamless online grocery shopping experience. Shoppers expect to easily search, filter, find and buy products that align with their lifestyle choices and wellness needs with minimal effort. 

Are retailers delivering an experience that matches these expectations? We audited 30 top retailers and uncovered inaccessible “digital stores,” empty “digital aisles” and a massive opportunity for retailers to better serve this growing group of shoppers. 

In this groundbreaking study, you'll find:

  • Results from the audit of 30 top retailers selling food & beverage, personal care and pet food products online
  • Key findings from the audit, like retailers fail to return 92% of products in their assortment that qualify to be returned based on common search terms
  • The significant opportunity for retailers to delight and win more loyal shoppers who are shopping by need state

Download the Report