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Activating Attributes - CPG Brands Optimizing for AttributesCPG Report

The Top 100 Missed Revenue Opportunities for CPG Brands Not Optimizing for Highly Searched Product Attributes


Download our latest free research report, Activating Attributes, How Brands Can Avoid Missing Millions to find out how, by effectively leveraging product attribute data, you can begin claiming revenue you’ve been leaving on the table. 

What's in this report?

In a world where consumers have an extensive and varied list of things they care about when buying groceries, are you fulfilling online shoppers’ individual needs by making it easy for them to find the products they’re searching for?

In this report, you'll find:

  • Our latest research that shows hundreds of millions of consumer searches are going unfulfilled - despite products existing that meet the needstates of those searches
  • A ranking of the top 100 missed revenue opportunities by brand
  • How you can begin claiming revenue you’ve been leaving on the table, without spending an additional dollar on ad spend

Download the Activating Attributes: How Brands Can Avoid Missing Millions today!

Download the Report