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Webinar: Driving Long Term Trust and Loyalty Through Product Transparency

- This webinar is over but you can watch it on demand! -


This webinar is over but you can watch the recorded version right now. Simply fill out the form to the right to request instant access as well as a copy of the study. 

This webinar was hosted by Label Insight's CMO, Patrick Moorhead. We discussed how brands can drive long term trust and loyalty through product transparency and broke down results from our 2016 Transparency ROI study.

You'll leave the webinar having learned:

  • How transparency leads to increased brand loyalty and perceived brand worth
  • Why product transparency means going beyond the label
  • How millennial moms are leading the charge for product transparency
  • How to satisfy consumer demand for transparency digitally with SmartLabel

Questions about this webinar? Email marketing@labelinsight.com for more info.

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