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Label Insight’s product data engine powers retail programs through custom attribution and analysis of retailer inventories. We gather more than 17,000 attributes per product, which means actionable insights about how product assortments meet the varied health, wellness, lifestyle and sustainability concerns of consumers are only a click away.

Our technology helped the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) build the industry’s first scientifically accurate database of food ingredients, attributes and health claims, so we know how to mine product information for deep insights.


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The industry’s most accurate and granular taxonomy



Label Insight has mapped all ingredients to each possible name - 10,000 unique ingredients with 250,000 names - making ingredients easy to understand.



Label Insight transforms nutrients into regulated attributes - such as per serve and per RACC analysis - in order to comply with FDA, USDA and industry initiatives.


Marketing claims

Label Insight captures all package data points - such as country of origin and allergen warnings - and gives them context, accounting for all variations of claims and copy used on packaging.

How will Label Insight power your business?

Inform Health and Wellness Initiatives

Label Insight helps retailers identify the products in their inventory that meet specific consumer interests and needs. Retailers can then easily communicate this information to consumers and show them where to find these products in-store. Product attribution data also helps retailers make more informed decisions about shelf mix, ensuring an optimal assortment of health and wellness items in any given category.

Improve Omni-channel Experiences

Label Insight helps retailers optimize their omni-channel experiences in response to consumer demand for seamless shopping across physical and digital properties. We do this by analyzing retailer inventories, generating 15,000 attributes per product. This data fuels website search functionality, recommendation engines and online searchability. 

Support Category Management Functions

Retailers can utilize product attribution data to support category management functions, such as SKU rationalization, shelf optimization, category reviews and POG development.

Power Shopper Insights

Product attribution data can answer the “why behind the buy." For example, by analyzing the attributes of a specific set of SKUs, retailers can identify what traits are driving under or overperformance. 

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