custom smartSPECS for retailers

Connect With Customers on a Whole New Level

Label Insight helps retailers gain deeper insight into their inventory through the creation of SmartSPECs. A SmartSPEC is a custom set of attributes used to support unique retailer initiatives. A custom SmartSPEC instantly gives retailers a unique view of their product inventory. This data allows retailers to make more informed decisions, create a stronger connection with their customers and better position themselves in the marketplace.


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Custom SmartSPECs, they’re like tunnel vision for your business (in the best possible way)

SmartSPECs provide a unique and tailored view of the data you need to drive your initiatives forward. Here are some of our most popular custom SPECs.

Health and Wellness SmartSPEC

Health and wellness is top of mind for consumers today. Retailers that provide the product assortment consumers seek, while helping them navigate these offerings to satisfy health and nutritional wants and needs along with dietary restrictions, will gain a competitive advantage and forge stronger relationships with consumers.

How it helps:

  • Provide health-conscious consumers with a method to easily identify products that fit their lifestyles
  • Create a more connected omni-channel experience, providing consistent health and wellness info across all channels - in-store, mobile, online
  • Offer deep transparency to consumers
  • Analyze inventory to identify which products meet health and wellness standards
  • Empower internal health and wellness experts to provide a better shopper experience - at their fingertips
  • Easily meet specific definitions for health and wellness

Category Management SmartSPEC

This SmartSPEC helps retailers make data-driven decisions about the optimal product mix, aligning price, promotion and assortment decisions with the greatest needs of customers and maximizing category growth potential.

How it helps:

  • Understand SKU performance, such as determining the common thread around high or underperforming SKUs
  • Identify the factors driving sales in order make smarter decisions around share of shelf
  • Improve blocking decisions with the ability to easily lay out shelving based on product attributes, such as paleo, all natural and organic
  • Gain unique views into inventory by creating category-specific attributes 
  • Analyze inventory to bring in products that meet specific criteria

e-Commerce SmartSPEC

In our always-connected, mobile-first world, retailers must connect with consumers when and where they want to ensure their long-term success. This SmartSPEC helps retailers expand their presence beyond brick-and-mortar stores, creating an online presence that is fueled by rich product data.

How it helps:

  • Improve website search functionality so consumers can easily search for products based on attributes, such as nutrients and allergens
  • Create a custom recommendation engine that guides consumers to similar products based on relevant ingredient, nutritive and marketing attributes
  • Increase online searchability by showcasing your unique product set, such as gluten-free cereals or paleo offerings

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