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Providing retailers with actionable data at their fingertips

Label Insight helps retailers gain deeper insights into their product inventory, creating a stronger connection with their customers and better positioning themselves in the marketplace.

SmartSPEC for SmartLabel

SmartSPEC for SmartLabel

The modern consumer is demanding transparency around what's in the products they use and consume. The launch of the SmartLabel transparency initiative meets this demand, giving consumers easy, instant access to detailed product information. Label Insight's SmartLabel solution, SmartSPEC, helps private label brands quickly and easily participate in the SmartLabel transparency initiative. SmartLabel can drive growth around private-label brands by offering consumers more information about less familiar brands. 

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Label Insight’s Product Data Platform

Label Insight’s product data platform

Label Insight’s technology powers retail programs through custom attribution and analysis of retailer inventories. We gather more than 22,000 attributes per product, which means actionable insights about how product assortments meet the varied health, wellness, lifestyle and sustainability concerns of consumers are only a click away.

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Custom SmartSPECs for Retailers

Custom SmartSPECs for retailers

Label Insight helps retailers gain deeper insights into their inventory through the creation of SmartSPECs. A SmartSPEC is a custom set of attributes used to support unique retailer initiatives. A custom SPEC instantly gives retailers a unique view of their product inventory. This data allows retailers to make more informed decisions, create a stronger connection with their customers and better position themselves in the marketplace.

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