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Label Insight helps CPG companies transform basic product information into smart attributes, providing them with a deep understanding of their product set, the power to drive innovation and the ability to easily participate in initiatives such as SmartLabel™.

SmartSPEC for SmartLabel

SmartSPEC™ for SmartLabel

The modern consumer is demanding transparency around what's in the products they use and consume. The launch of the SmartLabel transparency initiative meets this demand, giving consumers easy, instant access to detailed product information. Label Insight’s SmartLabel solution, SmartSPEC, helps CPG companies quickly and easily participate in the SmartLabel transparency initiative.

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Label Insight’s Product Data Platform

Label Insight’s product data platform

Our cutting-edge technology helps CPG companies transform basic product information into smart attributes. We provide a level of data that is unmatched, generating over 17,000 attributes - such as nutrients and allergens - per product. These attributes come together to create a deep understanding of a product set and can be easily customized to meet data views requested by retailers and government and industry initiatives.

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