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For Brand & Attribute

Gain visibility and control over how your products
are sold with Retail Views by Label Insight.

You work hard to ensure your product is branded appropriately. Then, it’s packaged and sent to your retail partners, all of whom have different Health and Wellness (H&W) programs that represent your product in different ways, online and at the shelf edge. Get the visibility you need into how your product assortment and brands are represented across your retail partners.


Onboard your products to understand how your products are attributed against all the leading Health & Wellness programs in the market. Identify how your products are scored by different retailers, and learn how your retail partners are thinking about H&W as well as where your products may qualify for additional icons.

Understand what Retailers have defined to differentiate H&W, whether your products qualify or not, and how they compare to the rest of the category. Work with retailers to ensure your products are positioned optimally in each market.

Benefits of Retail Views

Discover how Retail Views can help solve your specific Brand & Attribute Management challenges.

Attribute Visibility

Attribute Visibility

See, for the first time, how your product is represented across over 30 different retailer H&W programs, giving you an understanding of how your products are merchandised throughout the consumer market.

Attribute Understanding

Attribute Understanding

Understand how retailers are attributing your products and the variance of these attribution mechanisms across different product categories.

Icon Suppression

Icon Suppression

Learn about instances where an attribute your product may qualify for is being suppressed due to a technicality in a retailer’s custom scoring algorithm so that you can take appropriate action to ensure your icon is represented.

Icon Opportunity

Icon Opportunity

Find opportunities to adopt new icons or digital marketing claims that can further differentiate your products in line with retailer-specific programs.

Download the Retail Views Overview One Sheet

Retail Views Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the Retail Views for Brand and Attribute Management one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.




Onboarding is simple by design, with a purpose-built team focusing on removing all friction in the process. Brands can onboard product data by connecting images directly from their image provider, or by dragging and dropping images directly from a computer.

Retailer Views in Explore

See all your products and product data in the Explore platform and reveal how each product is being attributed at over 30 leading retailers. Each retailer’s custom Health and Wellness program algorithm is programmed into the system, allowing you insight into how the retailer applies your products to their specific H&W attribution.

Active & Passive Retailers

Our active retailer partners are directly powering their H&W programs with custom Label Insight attribution data. These retailers are most amenable to iteration of their algorithms if a case can be made to better represent your products.

Our passive retailer programs help you gain insight into how these retailers are attributing your products based on direct conversations with the retailers, and/or publicly available information around their H&W offerings.

Icon Suppression

Identify lost opportunities for icons that your products otherwise would qualify for, due to specific requirements of an active retailer’s H&W program.


Control Over How Your Products Are Sold

A product is born when the packaging is signed off, a go live date has been set and the product goes in to manufacturing. Before this point, there is a world of effort and resources that go into R&D, market insights, innovation, product formulation, prototyping, product data management, marketing planning, packaging design, packaging verification, and selling to partners. Then,finally, the product is ready. Then, the product is sent to retailers, the product data updated, and then the retailer applies their custom scoring rules across the whole of their inventory. Whether or not your product scores for what you want it to, and whether your product is called out the way you want it to be, is completely out of your hands. Until now.

As a brand, you know your products best. You spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that your product is well presented on product packaging, but then that’s compromised by retailers choosing to represent your products differently. The first step in taking control of how your products are sold is gaining insight into how your products are being presented to consumers — how they turn up in online searches and filters, and the icons they get at shelf edge across the retail landscape.

Retail Views Solving Real-World Challenges

Discover how Retail Views can help solve your specific Brand & Attribute Management challenges.

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Gain visibility and control with Retail Views for Brand & Attribute Management.