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For Product Transparency & Online Consumer Engagement

Free yourself from incomplete and fragmented product data across your ecosystem.


In a world that demands better product transparency, you need a reliable source of complete and verified product attribute data to meet the needs of shoppers, retail partners, and internal stakeholders. Discover the simplicity of using your product’s packaging as a source of truth to generate comprehensive, digitized data and derived high-order attributes to elevate consumer engagement and free yourself from incomplete and fragmented data across your ecosystem.


LabelSync®, powered by Label Insight and 1WorldSync™, is the industry’s most comprehensive, best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for product data distribution to power product transparency, e-commerce, shopper marketing and customer engagement initiatives across the consumer-packaged goods ecosystem. By harnessing Label Insight's market-leading product attribution data, LabelSync enables you to generate, collaborate, customize, and distribute your data with ease. The LabelSync platform is the leading SmartLabel™ implementation solution on the market.

Benefits of LabelSync

Discover the benefits of LabelSync for your Product Data Transparency and Online Consumer Engagement Solutions

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Cost-Effective Regulatory Compliance

Comply with evolving regulatory requirements in a scalable manner with our 100% compliant SmartLabel solution for Food & Beverage, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Pet Food, Supplements, Infant Formula and OTC.

Improved Product Transparency

Improved Product Transparency

Meet increasing consumer demand for comprehensive product information and provide clarity into the products they use and consume to drive product trial and brand loyalty. 

Accurate Product and Attribute Data

Accurate Product and Attribute Data

Unify data sources and leverage existing artwork or GDSN and PIM datasets to offer an accurate and flexible single source of truth for product data. 

Deeper E-commerce Integration

Deeper E-commerce Integration

LabelSync’s Intermediate Menu and Product Page Widget are designed specifically to expand the commercial experience of SmartLabel, without sacrificing high-quality and flexible regulatory compliance capabilities.

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New Consumer Engagement Opportunities

Flexible functionality provides new opportunities to educate consumers and leverage SmartLabel for marketing and promotional initiatives to deliver better digital transparency.

Download the Labelsync Overview One Sheet

LabelSync Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the LabelSync for Product Data Transparency & Online Consumer Engagement one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.

Compounded Cost Savings

Compounded Cost Savings

LabelSync provides you with a 360-degree data view — the complete product data profile — to create a vast array of custom attribute views needed for every stakeholders’ specific need. 

Improved Operational Efficiency

LabelSync can be leveraged across all operational departments, simplifying processes, increasing holistic understanding of products, and speeding up the transfer of knowledge.

Increased Discoverability

Improve discoverability by correctly representing your product data in-store and across channels. A robust digital product data profile will ensure your products are searchable.


LabelSync Case Study

Learn how Conagra is using LabelSync for SmartLabel to power its response to consumers' demand for product transparency while complying with new labeling mandates and capitalizing on the rise of grocery e-commerce to generate growth.


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