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For Product Data Management & Digital Transparency

Free yourself from incomplete and fragmented product data across your ecosystem.


In a world that demands better product transparency, you need a reliable source of complete and verified product attribute data to meet the needs of shoppers, retail partners, and internal stakeholders. Discover the simplicity of using your product’s packaging as a source of truth to generate comprehensive, digitized data and derived high-order attributes to free yourself from incomplete and fragmented data across your ecosystem.


LabelSync®, powered by Label Insight and 1WorldSync™, is the industry’s best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for powering product data management and digital transparency initiatives across the consumer-packaged goods ecosystem. By harnessing complete product attribute profiles generated by PRISM™, Label Insight’s proprietary transformation engine, LabelSync enables you to generate, collaborate, customize, and distribute your data with ease. The LabelSync platform is the leading SmartLabel™ implementation solution on the market.

Benefits of LabelSync

Discover the benefits of LabelSync for your Product Data Management & Transparency Solutions

Simple Onboarding

Simple Onboarding

Our streamlined product onboarding process will get you up and running quickly, with minimal operational cost. Simply upload an image of your product’s package flat, and Label Insight will do the hard work to generate your data.

Custom Data Views for All Use Cases

Custom Data Views for All Use Cases

With a complete attribute data profile, you can create and distribute your custom views across your entire organization and ecosystem.

Brand Verification & Collaborative Workflow

Brand Verification & Collaborative Workflow

Work collaboratively and effectively across your organization using Label Insight’s Publisher content management system to bring the same verification workflow governance from package labeling to your digital product data.

Best-In-Class SmartLabel Pages

Best-In-Class SmartLabel Pages (Optional)

Show your shoppers that you want to answer all their questions by providing them with a best-in-class solution to deliver better digital transparency.

More Integration

More Integrated

Leverage our open data architecture, ability to export data, and or APIs to flexibly integrate your product data into all of your existing systems for all your needs.

Download the Labelsync Overview One Sheet

LabelSync Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the LabelSync for Product Data Management and Digital Transparency one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.




Onboarding package flats to the LabelSync platform is simple and streamlined. Manufacturers can onboard their products directly via their GDSN feed by connecting images from their image provider, or by using the Label Insight onboarding platform to drag and drop images directly.

Attribute Transformation

A complete product data profile is generated using PRISM, Label Insight’s proprietary transformation engine. PRISM takes 300 data points from every label and transforms them into a taxonomy of over 22,000 high-order attributes. These are then automatically refined leveraging our proprietary relevance algorithms to generate manageable lists of the most relevant attributes for your product.

Brand Verification & Collaboration

Verify and collaborate on your custom profile views with LabelSync’s Publisher platform. Support effective collaboration and administration of your digital label choices by enabling stakeholders across your organization to collaborate and verify decisions made around which attributes should be included in your custom data views.



Integration & Harmonization

Eliminate redundancy and data fragmentation across your ecosystem with LabelSync’s open architecture. Once your data has been created and verified, you can distribute it across your ecosystem, ensuring customers, retailer partners, and internal stakeholders have the right data when and where they need it.

SmartLabel Implementation (Optional)

The SmartLabel solution is the industry’s answer to better digital transformation, with one-click previewing and publishing for consumer-facing digital transparency. LabelSync’s best-in-class implementation of SmartLabel saves you time while meeting product disclosure mandates.

Compounded Cost Savings

Compounded Cost Savings

Many businesses struggle with how to efficiently manage the diverse data needs of different teams and stakeholders. R&D needs deep formulation data across the market. Insight teams need high-level attribution data combined with sales data to monitor trends. Brand managers want to monitor how competitors leverage marketing claims. The list goes on. Fragmentation across the organization and ecosystem has a compounding cost. By extracting all the data from the package at once, LabelSync provides you with a 360-degree data view — the complete product data profile — to create the vast array of custom attribute views needed for every stakeholders’ specific need. Our open architecture and integration-friendly business model ensure that you can generate and verify your data once, then leverage it a thousand times.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Data redundancy across a business lowers operational efficiency. The more time and resources invested in maintaining, verifying the accuracy and currency of data, and in some case even recollecting the data, the more is taken away from other initiatives. LabelSync provides that 360-degree data view that can be leveraged across all use cases — simplifying processes, increasing holistic understanding of products, and speeding up the transfer of knowledge. Gone are the days where only the in-house nutritionist can answer detailed questions about your own products. Now, the whole organization has a detailed data set about their products at their fingertips.

Reduced Risk with Accurate Data

Reduced Risk with Accurate Data

Disparate and fragmented data across an organization originating from different sources creates versioning issues, which inevitably creates risk around data accuracy. The size of that risk depends on the use case. No matter the size of the risk, LabelSync offers a data set that meets all your organization’s needs by providing a 360-degree data view that can be leveraged to confirm data accuracy and currency. Systemically reducing risk is significantly more scalable than plugging holes.

More Discoverability

More Discoverability

Shoppers are increasingly making more attribute-driven decisions in their purchasing behaviors. When a shopper searches for a gluten-free product online or on a smart phone, or leverages a shelf tag program to find those products, it’s critical that your product has that attribute in the relevant format so that it turns up in search.

LabelSync utilizes PRISM™, Label Insight’s proprietary transformation engine to generate product attribute data with remarkable granularity — over 22,000 high-order attributes per product. This level of attribution means you’ll be able to improve discoverability by getting your data represented in-store and across all channels. A robust digital product data profile will ensure that your products turn up when shoppers are searching for them.


LabelSync Case Study

Learn how Conagra is using LabelSync for SmartLabel to power its response to consumers' demand for product transparency while complying with new labeling mandates and capitalizing on the rise of grocery e-commerce to generate growth.


LabelSync Solving Real-World Challenges

Discover how LabelSync can help solve your specific Product Data Management & Digital Transparency use case.

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