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Health & Wellness Data 

For Retailer H&W Programs

Innovate and differentiate your shopping experience with an attribute-driven health and wellness programs.


Help your shoppers to find the products that best fit their needs, and understand how to see your assortment through their eyes. Whether you’re looking to gain deeper insight into your product assortment for category management, create custom merchandising strategies aligned to consumer preferences, or enable sophisticated in-aisle wayfinding, shelf-tagging and promotional programs, Label Insight Health & Wellness (H&W) Attribute Program solutions deliver best-in-class product data at scale to make your innovations come to life, to better engage your shoppers.


The Label Insight H&W Data Solution for Retailers is a next-generation platform that provides retailers of all sizes and stages of digital transformation with a scalable yet differentiated H&W program that can be leveraged across the omnichannel shopping experience, as well as internally across all use cases.

The turn-key solution is built to be easy to get started and to quickly realize value. The first step includes working with our team to launch a free supplier friendly onboarding campaign proven to capture coverage of all your products. Secondly, our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME), which include both data scientists, registered dietitians, category managers, and technologists, will help you to select attributes and define requirements for your differentiated program.

New products will be captured and maintained on daily basis keeping the data set up-to-date and accurate. The only maintenance required will be to evolve your custom program towards a more personalized solution over time. The Label Insight H&W data solution is the first solution in the market that can enable you to do all the things you have to want to do with your product data and more.

Benefits of Health & Wellness Data

Discover how Health & Wellness Data can help solve your specific health and wellness program challenges.

Differentiated Shopper Experience

Differentiated Shopper Experience

You know your customers best. The Label Insight H&W Attribute solution will enable you to engage your shoppers around information and experiences custom to their needs.

Complete Supplier Coverage

Complete Supplier Coverage

Our best-in-class vendor onboarding solution enables our retail customers to collect and continuously maintain product attribution from their vendors via a frictionless onboarding method that automates obtainment and maintenance of consumer-facing data across our constantly growing database of over 500,000 in market CPG products.

Scalable Program

Scalable Program

A scalable technology solution that takes the heavy lifting away from setting up and maintaining a H&W initiative, enabling you and your team to focus on driving more engagement and evolving the shopper experience.

Greater Product Discovery

Greater Product Discovery

Not all attributes are created equal. The Label Insight solution provides the most granular attribution across all products in the market ensuring that products are more effectively returned in searching and filtering. The more granular the attribution the more discoverable products are by your shoppers.

Existing Data Portfolio System Integration

Existing Data Portfolio System Integration

Scalable and flexible open architecture solution making integration across the omnichannel experience and with internal data infrastructure feasible so that granular attribution can be leveraged across e-commerce, shelf-tag programs, web, and mobile applications, couponing, PIM and MDM.

Download Health & Wellness Data Overview One Sheet

Health & Wellness Data One Sheet

Get your free copy of the Health & Wellness Data for health and welless programs one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.

Sell More Products

Reduce Per Product Data Costs

Most retailers we have worked with are generally paying for product data more than once across their organization. With the Label Insight solution, it’s possible to leverage the product data asset across all your use cases without needing to pay again, effectively reducing the duplicative costs that you are presently paying for every different use case.

Operational Efficiency

Automation of the data capture and maintenance process and the user-friendly access to the product data set, empowers retail H&W managers, administrators, and dietitians to focus on higher level activities that drive further business value.

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Improved Discoverability

The Label Insight attribution engine ensures more products get the appropriate attributes scoring whether a product makes a claim or not. This drives more standardization of attributes across your assortment and increases discoverability of products by your shoppers. Making products easier to find makes shopping more convenient and increases basket size.

Reduce Risk of Data Errors

The Label Insight solution offers a viable single platform that contains your consumer-facing product data that can be leveraged and incorporated for all use cases mitigating the risk of data errors associated with data versioning and fragmentation.

Health & Wellness Data Solving Real-World Challenges

Discover how Health & Wellness Data can help solve your specific Store Program challenges.

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