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For Attribute Analysis & Insights

Sell more and innovate ahead of the market with
attribute-driven insights powered by Label Insight.


Brands and Retailers are working to better differentiate themselves in a noisy, disruptive market. Taking an attribute-driven approach toward insights provides a deeper perspective on how consumers see products across the market.

Understanding how these attributes are performing by retailer helps you differentiate and sell more.


Label Insight's EXPLORE+ delivers best-in-class attribute data in a flexible way that enable you to easily combine market measurement data and perform more detailed attribute analysis to gain new insights.

Whether looking for more unique insights in R&D, Market Analytics, Category Management, or Sales, incorporating the unique perspective that EXPLORE+ high-order attributes can provide will have you seeing the market in the eyes of your shoppers.

Benefits of EXPLORE+

Discover how EXPLORE+ can help solve your specific Attribute Analysis & Insight challenges.

Unique Insights

Unique Insights

Uncover unique insights that can identify growth opportunities ahead of the market for promotion, labeling or new product development.

Differentiate Better

Differentiate Better

Articulate new ways to differentiate your products that better reflect the way in which consumers are searching.

Customized Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

Customize your sales pitch to the individual retail partner, increasing the chance of increasing existing product sales.

Collaborative Insights

Collaborative Insights

Work more closely with retailers around the merchandising of existing products, and bring thought leadership to the category management level.

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

Make data-driven decisions at all stages of the innovation, research, and development process, reducing the chance of failed launches.

Get the Explore Plus Overview One Sheet

EXPLORE+ Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the EXPLORE+ for Product Attribute Analysis and Insights one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.

How Explore Plus Works


Best-In-Class Attribute Data

The EXPLORE+ platform provides a user-friendly access point to the industry's best-in-class product attribute data, high-order attributes, so that a brand can explore and discover relevant data before exporting it or leveraging our enterprise APIs to incorporate the relevant data into your own internal systems for further independent analysis. This data can be accessed across the whole market or per category.

Combined with Retailer Views

The EXPLORE+ Retail Views can be leveraged to take insights to a new level and to customize them to the individual retailer health and wellness program.

Combined with Sales Data

The Nielsen Product Insider solution provides a brand with the ability to leverage curated Label Insight high-order attribute data with Nielsen sales data via Nielsen’s Answers on Demand (AOD) platform.

Sell More Products

Sell More Products

EXPLORE+ can help you sell more of your existing products to retail partners by understanding which product attributes are important to different retailers, and how your products may be best suited to meet H&W program requirements.

Increase net new sales by harnessing the power of high-order attributes, the industry’s most granular attribute data with our retail views data, create custom pitches to new retailers that offer unique and differentiated approaches to your product that align with retailers’ needs.

Increase Your Influence with Retailers

EXPLORE+ can help you generate custom insights for retail partners to intelligently influence assortment and merchandising tactics both parties will benefit from during category reviews.

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Spotting opportunities can be a challenge without the right product attribute intelligence. Stay ahead of the competition and on top of emerging market trends with EXPLORE+. Explore’s industry-leading, granular high-order attribute data will help you find innovation opportunities, better position your existing assortment in the market, and help understand how reformulation could unlock growth for your brand.

Reduce Risk of Failed Launches

Leveraging high-order attributes for specific, granular insights to better understand your customer, and making data-driven decisions across the whole R&D new product development process will reduce the risk of failed launches. Execute better marketing tactics and custom sales strategies to maximize your chance of success.

Explore+ Solving Real-World Challenges

Discover how Explore+ can help solve your specific Attribute Analysis & Insights challenges.

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