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For Improving Online Product Discoverability Through Actionable Attribute Analysis

Identify top trends, analyze competitive drivers and optimize your products to fuel e-commerce growth.


87% of food products fail to claim 1 of their 3 most searched attributes, including important ingredient, nutrient, allergen information and more.

By not claiming qualifying product attributes beyond the label, brands and retailers are delivering a broken search experience, eroding consumer trust and failing to capitalize on millions of attribute-based shopping trips. 


Explore Market Navigator is a flexible SaaS insights engine and keyword prospecting tool that joins consumer search behavior, competitive insight, and detailed product analysis to help CPGs dramatically grow their e-commerce success by improving the online discoverability and sales of existing products while helping to quickly launching new, on-trend products to meet consumer demand. 

Brands can leverage trending attribute insights for cross-functional strategy optimization, including product content enhancements, advertising and SEO efforts, white space innovation, product development and more.

Benefits of Explore Market Navigator

Discover how Explore Market Navigator can improve online product discoverability through actionable attribute analysis.

Top E-Commerce Trend Discovery in Real-Time

Top E-Commerce Trend Discovery in Real-Time

Uncover top e-commerce trends in real time, pre-mapped to categories and stack-ranked by the most relevant and searched for attributes, identifying unique growth opportunities ahead of the market.

Flexible Management of New Trending Attributes

Flexible Management of New Trending Attributes

Add new attributes at any time to make sense of the market. Leverage 8.9M+ unique product claims, 400k ingredients, normalized into attributes, to search for, compare, and analyze products based on the top trends for e-commerce.

Improved Data Delivery for Deeper Insight

Improved Data Delivery for Deeper Insight

Apply advanced filters to understand exactly what consumers expect when shopping online. All attribute data is deliverable via API or FTP, or is able to be mapped and pushed into your data lake directly via API for independent analysis.

Expansive Product Images

Enhanced Packaging Transparency

No other tool or platform has a virtual warehouse of competitive product images, providing a level of clarity that’s as good as having the product label in your hand.

Simplified Competitive Comparison

Simplified Competitive Comparison and Analysis

Uncover competitive opportunities for growth and differentiation using derived attributes. Learn how competitors are capitalizing on trends both online and in-store by comparing product details and attributes side-by-side.

Explore Market Nav Onesheet-1

Explore Market Navigator Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the Explore Market Navigator one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.

Return on Investment


Increased E-Commerce Conversion

Label Insight helped a leading snack brand boost conversions on Amazon by more than 11% by simply adding a product attribute previously unclaimed to its product title and description.

Elevated Sales Growth

Optimizing product attributes and terminology in titles and content has shown a 35% increase in sales over a six month period of time, compared to the previous year.

Improved Discoverability

By updating the title on their Amazon product detail page to say Gluten Free and Sugar Free instead of Gluten and Sugar Free, a client saw a 7% lift in clicks on the term Gluten Free after just three weeks.

Explore Market Navigator Solves Real World Challenges

Discover how Explore Market Navigator can improve online product discoverability through actionable attribute analysis.

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Drive growth with Explore Market Navigator by improving online discoverability through actionable attribute analysis.