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For E-commerce Product Discoverability Challenges

Amplify your digital product discoverability and shopper engagement.


In an increasingly digital world, product discoverability is critical to driving growth and gaining market share. However, today’s shoppers are struggling to find products that meet their nutritional and dietary requirements. That’s because Retailers lack the robust product attribute data to help them stay on top of market trends and deliver advanced discovery tools that best match their product assortments to shopper’s needs.


Label Insight Discovery is a best-in-class solution for improving product discoverability and shopper engagement. It harnesses high-order attributes, the next-generation of product attribute data, to deliver advanced search and filtering, and improved engagement and personalization functionality.

With a flexible data architecture, Discovery is platform agnostic and seamlessly integrates with the leading digital platforms on the market. Combined with the Label Insight Health & Wellness Data solution, Retailers can take their shopper marketing and engagement to a whole new level.

Benefits of Label Insight Discovery

Learn how Discovery can help solve your specific e-commerce product discoverability challenges.

Make Your Marketplace More Discoverable

Make Your Marketplace More Discoverable

Increase product discoverability by powering your search and filtering technologies with high-order attributes. Instantly unlock a massive resource of products to meet every specialty diet conceivable.

Improve Shopper Engagement

Improve Shopper Engagement

Engage your shoppers with expanded “related products” offerings and deliver improved recommendations around the attributes shoppers are looking for.

Customize Search & Filtering

Customize Search & Filtering

Help shoppers make decisions by defining curated search terms that are of value to them. From “nutritious” to “simple ingredients”, custom search terms enable customers to quickly make more informed decisions.

Mitigate Digital Out of Stock

Mitigate Digital Out of Stock

Maximizing your product discoverability enables you to mitigate “digital out of stock” issues.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Our open architecture ensures that the search, filter, and discovery experience can be implemented across all channels easily and effectively.

Label Insight Discovery

Label Insight Discovery One Sheet

Get your free copy of the Label Insight Discovery for E-commerce Product Discoverability one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.


Shopper Trust & Loyalty

Win your shoppers’ attention with a best-in-class search, filter, and product discovery experience. By satisfying both the customer demand for better product information and their inherent need for convenience, retailers can win shoppers’ attention.

Increased Online Basket Size

Shoppers will purchase more when you make it easy for them to find the products they need through powerful search and filter experiences. Making product recommendations with related attribute profiles can further increase engagement and basket size.


More Convenient Shopping Experience

Today’s shoppers expect to be able to find the products that fit their needs with minimal time and effort. Convenience is at the core of digital disruption and more convenient shopping experiences can help to increase loyalty, basket size, and shopping trips.

Better Product Transparency

Providing an experience that helps shoppers to search, filter and discover products more easily, not only has the effect of making their shopping experience more engaging, but also has the aura effect of responding to the consumer demand for transparency.

Label Insight Discovery Solving Real-World Challenges

Discover how Discovery can help solve your specific e-commerce product discoverability challenges.

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Drive discoverability and growth with Discovery for E-commerce Product Discoverability.