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For Collaborative Category Review

Sell more and innovate in collaboration with your suppliers using attribute-driven insights powered by Label Insight.


Shoppers are moving towards an attribute driven world where their decisions about what they buy are highly influenced by the product information they have access to. Understanding a category through this new lens is critical to driving innovation in the category review process. Collaborate with your category suppliers to drive category innovation that matches your shoppers’ needs.


Explore+ delivers the best-in-class attribute data necessary for Category Managers to power attribute-driven innovation throughout their CatMan 2.0 process. Take your category review process to the next level by leveraging comprehensive views of attributes including Allergens & Intolerances, Specialty Diets, Claims & Certifications, Sustainability, Retail Views, and many more, to generate new and unique insights across your category.

With flexible implementation, you can use the Explore platform to validate assumptions or export using API / FTP for full white space exploration and improved understanding of a category.

Analyze your assortment in an attribute driven context and and gain unique insights into how and why your shoppers are making decisions. Invite your suppliers to gain access to the same data and to provide their category expertise in collaboration around the Category Review process.

Benefits of EXPLORE+

Discover how EXPLORE+ can help solve your specific Collaborative Category Review challenges.

Improved Attribute Validation

Improved Attribute Validation

Better identify what attributes, product types, and initiatives will more effectively drive growth across category volume, share, and profit.

Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

Innovation across Product, Place, Promotion, and Price by better understanding which attributes are driving growth and motivating purchase behavior.

Improve Shopper Targeting

Improve Shopper Targeting

Granular attribute data will help you to better identify and cohort buying behaviors so that shoppers can be more effectively targeted.

Collaborative with Suppliers

Collaborate with Suppliers

Leverage your category captains to collaborate with you around a data set that is unique to your assortment and your context ultimately driving more innovative initiatives.

Explore Plus for Collaborative Category Review

EXPLORE+ Overview One Sheet

Get your free copy of the EXPLORE+ for Collaborative Category Review one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.


High-Order Attributes vs. Traditionally Syndicated Attribution

Analyzed Ingredients vs. On-Pack

Analyzed Ingredients
vs. On-Pack

High-order attributes are derived from on-package analysis, delivering enhanced attribute granularity and enabling on-pack claim vs ingredient comparison for early consumer trends discovery.

Dynamic Rules-Based Attribution

Dynamic Rules-Based Attribution

High-order attributes use business logic to query against structured and normalized, digitized data. When new trends arise, easily write new business rules to create new attributes retroactively.


Gain A Complete Characteristic View

High-order attributes are structured as a characteristic with a value (e.g. Artificial Flavor-Free & Contains Artificial Flavor). Validate your assumptions and category segmentation with a complete picture of a characteristic.

Sell More Products

Increase Profit Per Square Foot

Attribute driven category management helps retailers to better understand the products that they sell, and the shoppers who buy that category, and why. With this insight, Category Managers can put in place initiatives that drive more effective category performance.

Increase Shopper Loyalty

In a world where the demand for Consumer Transparency is increasing, it is critical to ensure that category review process considers this and that an assortment has the relevant products and promotions to help shoppers to easily make decisions about the products that they want. Attribute Driven Category Management, helps retailers to more effectively understand and react to shoppers needs, matching assortments with what shoppers want, and ultimately increasing shoppers satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Assortment Efficiency & Reduce COGS

Attribute driven category management helps retailers to make their assortments more efficient and to consequently reduce their COGS in several different ways. Granular, and standardized product information uncovers product attributes that were previously invisible enabling category managers to offer more variety with the same or even limited SKU count.

Furthermore, through better understanding of shopper motivation category managers are able to make data driven decisions and can buy to shopper need, rather than to potential. This reduces failed product launches and waster and ultimately increasing assortment efficiency.

Collaborative Innovation

The best category managers collaborate with their suppliers to ensure they are leveraging the category experts to provide thought leadership and analysis to the category. Working with your suppliers around a data set that is unique to your assortment increases the effectiveness of this collaboration and drives alignment and innovation across the ecosystem.

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