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For Category Management

Sell more and innovate ahead of the market with
attribute-driven insights powered by Label Insight.


Today’s Category Managers are working to differentiate in a noisy, disruptive market. They need a reliable source of granular product attribute data, combined with measurement data like Nielsen Product Insider powered by Label Insight, to discover new opportunities that enable them to sell more, innovate, and get ahead of market trends — something that traditional syndicated attribution cannot provide.


Explore+ delivers the best-in-class attribute data, high-order attributes, necessary for Category Managers to power attribute-driven innovation throughout their CatMan2.0 process. Take your category review process to the next level by leveraging comprehensive views of attributes including Allergens & Intolerances, Specialty Diets, Claims & Certifications, Sustainability, Retail Views, and many more, to generate new and unique insights across your category.

With flexible implementation, you can use the Explore platform to validate assumptions or export using API / FTP for full white space exploration and improved understanding of a category.

Benefits of Label Insight EXPLORE+

Discover how EXPLORE+ can help you Category Managers sell more and innovate:

Discover More Opportunties

Discover More Opportunities

With a taxonomic approach to attribution, get up to 20x more products for a characteristic vs. traditional syndicated attribution.

Validate Which Attributes Matter

Validate Which
Attributes Matter

Understand which on-pack messaging is vital to consumers and retailers by comparing products qualifying for ingredients vs. claims and certifications.

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Innovate Ahead
of Market Trends

Understanding how product formulations are performing in the market before brands make these claims on-pack.

Reduce Risk of Failed Launches

Reduce Risk of Failed Launches

Validate and quantify your assumptions about category dynamics to reduce the risk of failed launches.


CatMan + Transparency White Paper

How Transparency and Attribute-Driven Buying Behavior are Evolving Category Management

Gordon Wade, one of the original developers of the Category Management discipline, explores how consumer demand for transparency is changing the way the CPG industry as a whole operates and the way it’s reshaping the Category Management profession.


High-Order Attributes vs. Traditionally Syndicated Attribution

Analyzed Ingredients vs. On-Pack

Analyzed Ingredients
vs. On-Pack

High-order attributes are derived from on-package analysis, delivering enhanced attribute granularity and enabling on-pack claim vs ingredient comparison for early consumer trends discovery.

Dynamic Rule-Based Attribution

Dynamic Rules-Based Attribution

High-order attributes use business logic to query against structured and normalized, digitized data. When new trends arise, easily write new business rules to create new attributes retroactively.

Gain a Complete Characteristic View

Gain A Complete Characteristic View

High-order attributes are structured as a characteristic with a value (e.g. Artificial Flavor-Free & Contains Artificial Flavor). Validate your assumptions and category segmentation with a complete picture of a characteristic.

Discover More Opportunities for Growth with Label Insight Explore Plus

Discover More Opportunities

Explore+ utilizes PRISM™, Label Insight’s proprietary transformation engine to generate the industry’s most granular product attribute data with over 22,000 high-order attributes per product. With up to 20x more products for a characteristic vs. traditional syndicated attribution, you can dive deeper into your assortment and uncover more opportunities for growth.

Validate Which Attributes Matter

Pairing high-order attributes with purchase data, such as Nielsen Product Insider (NPI), powered by Label Insight, can help you understand which on-pack messaging consumers and retailers are responding to by comparing products qualifying for ingredients vs. claims and certifications. This enables you to unlock growth-driving insights that can better inform and more quickly validate your strategy.

Measure Emerging Market Trends with Explore Plus and Purchase Data

Innovate Ahead of the Market

Spotting opportunities can be a challenge without the right product attribute intelligence. Explore+ can help you stay ahead of the competition and on top of emerging market trends by harnessing high-order attribute data, combined with purchase data like NPI, to help you find innovation opportunities that better position your existing assortment in the market, and help understand how reformulation could unlock growth for your brand.

For example, in the Coffee Creamers category, Gluten-Free on-pack claims are growing about 74% faster than those formulated to be Gluten-Free. This insight reveals an opportunity to drive category growth simply by adding a package claim.


Sell More Products

Explore+ can help you sell more of your existing products to retail partners by understanding which product attributes are essential to different retailers, and how your products may be best suited to meet H&W program requirements.

Increase net new sales by harnessing the power of high-order attributes with our retail views data, create custom pitches to new retailers that offer unique and differentiated approaches to your product that align with retailers’ needs.

Reduce Risk of Failed Launches

Leveraging high-order attributes for specific, granular insights enable you to better understand your customer and making data-driven decisions across the whole R&D new product development process will reduce the risk of failed launches. Execute better marketing tactics and custom sales strategies to maximize your chance of success.

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