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The Transparency Imperative: Product Labeling from the Consumer Perspective

This report gives insights and examines the many aspects of consumers' desire for transparency, and provides guidance for industry next steps. Get your free copy to learn more.

This Food Marketing Institute & Label Insight report on transparency examines many aspects of the topic and provides guidance for industry next steps. Those steps include the need to further embrace transparency; relay information beyond just ingredients; understand the specific needs of key shopper groups; meet the increased expectations of online shoppers; and track changing consumer preferences as this trend progresses.

Key findings include:

  • Embrace Transparency: The findings show that transparency from brands has a direct impact on building consumer trust and boosting loyalty, particularly among those coveted shoppers that spend more, are more educated, and have larger families/children.
  • Go Beyond Ingredients: Ingredient information is essential for transparency. However, brands and manufacturers need to commit to providing even more information to meet the increased expectations of consumers. This includes information on allergens, how products are produced, and how ingredients are sourced./li>
  • Track Changing Consumers: Shoppers will continue to change and the transparency bar is likely to be raised. Brands should monitor consumer behavior shifts and make quick adjustments and strategic shifts as needed.

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