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IS-89712859-Hands-Holding-Jar-Nutrition-Fact-Panel-1920x1080The Open Data Initiative


Label Insight is providing academic researchers with complimentary direct access to our unique data set & analysis tools. 

This new level of granular food product data not previously available to the research community will aid in advancing critical research topics that affect today’s increasingly health conscious food shoppers. 

Led by our co-founder Dagan Xavier, the Label Insight Open Data refinery is today’s most complete and accurate source for granular product information, encompassing over 400,000 products purchased in the US. 

“Our company was founded with the mission of enabling transparency between consumers and the products they use. We believe our technology can be of further help to the academic research community. Label Insight is opening up its data for the advancement of research, learning, and change, to the people who can use the data to make a significant impact."  -Label Insight Co-founder, Dagan Xavier

What's Included? 

  • Free, direct access to our unique platform and attributes.

  • All data points provided are separated and available interchangeably.

  • Freedom to publish findings and studies based on database with no restrictions.

  • Data is updated in real time.

Label Insight’s Open Data participants include: 


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 What are people saying about Open Data?

“We hope to provide accurate, up-to-date information on allergens contained in various food products. This would allow consumers that suffer from specific allergies to adhere to a strict allergen-free diet. The data provided by Label Insight is extremely comprehensive.“ 

Medical Student, Duke University School of Medicine Zach Holcomb

“The ability to access accurate, timely, and representative label information for foods on sale in the USA is critical for our research. We are better able to determine the impact of food policy and to monitor the voluntary actions of firms whether targeting food safety, nutrition or sustainability.”  

Professor of Food Policy, John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University Dr. Neal Hooker

“Label Insight’s food composition data has the potential to be the top data source for all U.S. researchers in the industry. The deep level of data goes far beyond what we would be able to collect ourselves. We use Label Insight’s data for academic research such as monitoring adverse nutrients in the food supply and it will power the FoodSwitch smartphone application when it launches in the United States.”

Research Fellow for The George Institute for Global Health's Food Policy Dr. Elizabeth Dunford


Looking for more information? Contact our press team at press@labelinsight.com 

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