The Open Data Initiative

Label Insight is providing academic researchers with complimentary direct access to our unique data set & analysis tools.

As a company founded with the mission of enabling transparency between consumers and the products they use, we believe the power of our technology bears a responsibility to provide these tools for the advancement of research, learning and change.

greek_yog_right.jpgLed by our co-founder Dagan Xavier, Label Insight OpenData is our recognition of this responsibility. The Label Insight data refinery is today’s most complete and accurate source for granular product information, encompassing over 200,000 products representing 80% of the top purchased food products in the US.

What's Included? 

  • Free, direct access to our unique platform and attributes.

  • All data points provided are separated and available interchangeably.

  • Freedom to publish findings and studies based on database with no restrictions.

  • Data is updated in real time. 

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