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The latest press and industry news about Label Insight, the next-generation of product attribution, high-order attributes, and consumer transparency revolution transforming the CPG ecosystem.


Use Smarter Product Data to Improve the Grocery E-Commerce Shopper Experience for Competitive Advantage

November 24, 2020

Based on data from our recent audit of 30 top e-commerce retailers, Label Insight uncovers how to elevate and optimize advanced faceted search filters to differentiate against competitors.

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Sesame Is On The Way To Becoming The 9th Big Allergen Requiring Disclosure

November 18, 2020

Sesame has just been unanimously recognized by the House of Representatives as the next major allergen brands will have to disclose to consumers.

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Set Your Product Data Up For Success With Efficient And Effective Item Setup

November 12, 2020

Label Insight Item Setup provides brands with an automatic item setup solution to efficiently manage and launch accurate and comprehensive product data.

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6 Benefits of Providing a Better Grocery E-Commerce Customer Experience

October 27, 2020

Label Insight uncovered 6 key benefits of providing a better grocery experience through our recent research, Empty Aisles: The Grocery Shoppability Audit.

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Are Your Customers Confused about Common Household Product Ingredients?

October 12, 2020

Label Insight's Sr. Solutions Consultant for Product Data Management, Anna Thibaut, helps to dispel common misconceptions about ingredients found in household cleaners.

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Navigate the Lasting Impacts of COVID-19 to Boost Product Discoverability and Consumer Trust

July 28, 2020

Label Insight’s technology delivers accurate product information, on-pack and beyond the label, for brands and retailers to navigate changing consumer expectations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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