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The latest press and industry news about Label Insight, the next-generation of product attribution, high-order attributes, and consumer transparency revolution transforming the CPG ecosystem.


Increase Discoverability and Convert More Customers by Optimizing your Product Content

May 26, 2020

Leverage Label Insight's product attribution data to power product content and boost conversion.

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Label Insight Launches Fresh PLU Support to Help Grocery Retailers Meet the Needs of Online Shoppers

April 28, 2020

Label Insight is excited to deliver Fresh PLU support to help retailers offer a seamless and transparent shopper experience.

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Label Insight's SmartLabel™ innovation assists clients and partners in circulating COVID-19 information

April 21, 2020

Label Insight offers a new health and safety banner for SmartLabel™ where retailers and brands can inform consumers of health-related updates like COVID-19.

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SmartLabel™ Expansion into Canada

April 16, 2020

Label Insight will begin offering SmartLabel™ in Canada to accelerate SmartLabel™ adoption and support the needs of customers with Canadian operations.

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How Reily Foods Uses SmartLabel to Highlight Sustainability Commitment

November 6, 2019

Learn about Reily Foods sustainability commitment in an effort to building customer loyalty through improved product transparency.

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Trendspotting at the Natural Products Expo can be a key to growth

October 1, 2019

Walking through the Natural Products Expo was a little like taking a quick journey around the world. Check out the emerging consumer trends we found while attending the recent Natural Products Expo in Baltimore.

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