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Transparency & Personalization Are No Longer Optional

Consumers are looking for product transparency. However, only 12% consider brands a trusted source. Digital transformation and E-labelling will revolutionize how we engage consumers.

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The Industry’s Only Complete Solution with High-Order Attribute Data

Before you invite another data partner in to your partner ecosystem ensure they can integrate holistically with your existing partners and can generate data that meets the complete spectrum of needs.




End-to-End Solutions

An end-to-end solution is one that ties together the sourcing, creation, transformation, and distribution of product data and images around a single platform that seamlessly integrates with all your existing partners and tools.


Complete Data Spectrum

For an end-to-end solution to be sustainable and effective the product data needs to be transformed to meet the complete data spectrum. This must include commoditized data such as supply chain attributes, and the basic product attributes as well as the full digital suite of images but most importantly it must include Higher Order Attributes which ensure that the data can meet all needs downstream.

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Get A Complete Suite Of Images & Data With

Label Insight Capture is the industry’s first solution that provides a full suite of high-quality product images and product attribute data from a single unified source. The innovative, turnkey approach enables brands and retailers to easily map both on-package attribute data and high-order attribute data to a robust and complete set of digital images. This offering from Label Insight enables forward-leaning organizations to display the industry’s most complete and informative product data alongside a full suite of visually captivating imagery that increases transparency, engages shoppers and drives sales. Images are essential, but a commodity. Label Insight Capture allows organizations to consolidate their image and data strategies to handle all use cases and create operational efficiency.






The Value Of Label Insight Capture

Build Best-In-Class SmartLabel Pages With

To support Transparency and the SmartLabel movement, Label Insight in partnership with 1WorldSync have launched LabelSync with the aim of making the important and challenging process of launching SmartLabel pages effective and scalable. Leverage this powerful platform to produce the most transparent SmartLabel pages in the market and empower your organization to take ownership of your brand story through powerful collaboration tools.





LabelSync For SmartLabel Provides

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Tracy Shepard-Rashkin

Sustainable Communities and Top Dish Brand Manager


Store Programs

Our solutions for Store Programs provides retailers with robust high-order attribute information delivered towards consumer transparency needs. Label Insight SPECS harness high-order attributes into actionable data, enabling variety of store programs including shelf tags, category management, dietitian driven customer experience initiatives, custom merchandising, and more.

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E-commerce & Omnichannel

Our solutions for Omni-Channel allows retailers to customize attribute data to their specific needs and unify their shoppers’ product information needs across all channels. Delivering a next generation experience means extending high-order attribute capabilities into e-commerce and mobile experiences.

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Personalization & Activation

Our solutions for Personalization & Activation enables the shoppers’ path to purchase across all channels and make it easy for them to search, and discover the products that meet their individual needs.

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