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Unlock A New Horizon For Innovation & Growth

The frontiers of digital transformation present new models for join business and product solutions, new opportunities for monetization of data and technology assets, and ultimately new approaches to revenue and expansion.

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Data Mastery = Expanded Growth Opportunities

When your internal data and external data are seamlessly connected, unlocking new partnerships and revenue opportunities go from whiteboard to reality.

Internet of Things & Connected Homes

How will customers shop your store or products when they are talking to a device in their kitchen? How will your products appear on the screen of a connected refrigerator? How will you drive loyalty with shoppers who don’t ever visit the store? Tapping into the new world of IoT and Connected Home will require a new level of mastery for both brands and retailers to foster loyalty and defend share of the basket.



What is possible when your product data is designed to live natively in the world of sensors and health wearables? Complete and unified product data will be the key to ensuring your products are reflected accurately in the expanding world of wearable health & wellness devices and personalized nutrition.


Augmented Reality

As the smartphone evolves from a pocket computer to a lens merging physical and digital experiences, it’s inevitable that users will come to rely on AR to navigate the store and make informed product choices. Harmonized data will allow you to present your products in the physical / digital world of AR shopping.


Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Retailers: Data & Media Monetization

CPG ecommerce is forecasted to grow explosively in the next 5 years. Capturing the growth will require a new approach to shopper experience, but increased site traffic also creates the opportunity for retailers to monetize their online stores as targeted media and promotions environments.


Site-Side Media Targeting

Expanding the role of your ecommerce site from transactional store to a targeted media experience is possible when you can leverage the product driven buying behavior of your shoppers into premium co-op and hyper-focused brand promotional inventory for your suppliers.


Shopper Profile Monetization

To win in the new world of ecommerce loyalty, you’ll need to know more about your customers than anyone else. Developing granular shopper profiles that merge site traffic, purchase, and product attribute data from your shoppers is not only valuable to your business, but can be offered to a broader digital ecosystem.

Brands: AI Powered Trend Intelligence

Getting in front of trends and shopper preferences can create huge competitive advantages for brands. Today’s approach is highly manual, making it difficult to react in real-time and with confidence. AI offers a new way to approach trend intelligence and response that is both data-driven and nimble.


Automated Trend Response

By combining existing social and search trend analysis tools with unique high-order attribute data, new tools are emerging that enable brands to spot negative ingredient and product news early and respond before a crisis develops. Tools that can trigger alerts to brands when category and store buying trends that will impact sales begin to emerge - in real time, not months later - will enable a much faster product and marketing ecosystem.


Bots and Automated Personalization

Bots offer the ability to engage in a one-to-one customer experience at massive scale. When powered by retailer customer product preference information with high-order attributes, a new level of customer intelligence can change your site visitors’ experience from “welcome back” to “Hi - let me show you our new gluten-free product!”

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever has established industry leadership in SmartLabel because not only is product transparency in the spirit of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan,  it also serves to educate consumers on key sustainable living product claims that drive our business.”

Tracy Shepard-Rashkin,
Brand Manager, Top Dish and Sustainability 


Brand Management Use Case:

Use the Label Insight Explore platform to ensure that all your product data is maintained in one place, and that is accessible to everyone in your team and across the wider organisation. Leverage the smart attributes to share a dieticians level knowledge about your products with your wider team.

Regulatory Use Case:

As a final line of validation, leverage the proprietary regulatory attributes and flag system to ensure that your products meet governmental regulations, mitigating risk of a costly public event.

Marketing Use Case

Learn how what immediate claim opportunities exist for your product that you are presently not leveraging and follow how your competitors are positioning in the ever dynamic and fast moving modern market.

R&D & Formulation Use Case:

Leverage the most detailed relational ingredient taxonomy in the industry to more effectively understand how others are using ingredients in formulations, to follow changing trends, and to discover new formulation opportunitie.

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