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X-Ray Vision for Powerful Product Insights

Harness the power to see across a market, portfolio, or assortment-wide dataset in one view.

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Label Insight Explore for Product Insights

Reveal deeper product insights and drive better product decisions with Label Insight Explore. Explore is a product knowledge platform powered by high-order attribute data, the next-generation of enriched and more granular attributes. See more than 80% of top-selling food and beverage, pet, and personal care products through the lens of these consumer-driven attributes to discover new opportunities across markets, portfolios, or assortment-wide datasets in one view.


Deep Product Insight As The Basis For Digital Transformation

Label Insight Explore gives customers deep insight into their product portfolio and how individual products compare other products in the category relative to important Health & Wellness, nutrition, and other consumer decision driving attributes.

Customers leverage Label Insight Explore to understand the overall marketplace so that they can get a foundational view of all the products they’re directly, or even indirectly, competing against.


Attribute-Driven Intelligence

Get detailed visibility into your products and understand if they’re positioned for success or risk losing share to competing products by comparing specific characteristics across the category.

Intuitive, dashboard style views powered by attribute level data provide unique capabilities to understand and compare products from a transparency viewpoint.


Competitive Analysis & Portfolio Opportunities

Assess product alignment with specific characteristics, and unlock opportunities, from the shelf, category, portfolio, or marketplace level across more than 500k products. Our dashboards and comparison tools, powered by attribute level data, provide unique capabilities to understand and compare your products and competing brand portfolios across Aisle, Shelf, and Category.

One Source For All Your Use Cases

The flexibility provided by the Label Insight Explore platform and the deep granular attribution enables the same single platform to be leveraged for all your use cases across the organization. If our existing data views don’t meet your needs, custom views can be almost instantly created leveraging our proprietary transformation engines.


Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Michael Teel, CEO


Brand Management Use Case:

Use the Label Insight Explore platform to ensure that all your product data is maintained in one place, and that is accessible to everyone in your team and across the wider organization. Leverage the smart attributes to share a dietitians level knowledge about your products with your wider team.

Regulatory Use Case:

As a final line of validation, leverage the proprietary regulatory attributes and flag system to ensure that your products meet governmental regulations, mitigating risk of a costly public event.

Marketing Use Case

Learn what immediate claim opportunities exist for your product that you are presently not leveraging and follow how your competitors are positioning in the ever dynamic and fast moving modern market.

R&D & Formulation Use Case:

Leverage the most detailed relational ingredient taxonomy in the industry to more effectively understand how others are using ingredients in formulations, to follow changing trends, and to discover new formulation opportunity.

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