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Understand the Why Behind The Buy With Market Insights

Gain deeper insight into shoppers purchase-driven motivations and behaviors.

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Label Insight Explore Plus for Market Insights

Label Insight Explore Plus delivers transformational insights into the hidden purchase-driving motivations and behaviors of today's discerning shoppers. You get a potent combination of our industry's leading product attribute data combined with market leading purchase data and analytic capabilities from your sales data provider all in one place.

Unique Insights Across Food & Beverage:

Nielsen’s robust market measurement and Homescan Consumer Panel data combined with Label Insight’s unique high-order attribute data set brings an unmatched level of data granularity, quality, and coverage to food manufacturers and retailers.


Claims Influence The Purchase, But Shoppers Want More Detail

Increasingly savvy shoppers are defining their decision-making process by the information they can gather about a product. 46% of Americans said that claims on food products influence their purchase.


Find New Opportunities By Looking Beyond Your Marketing Claims

Manufacturers and brand managers can be more effective by behaving like consumers and looking beyond the claims to find new opportunities.

For example, Frozen Entrees that made an “Excellent Source of Protein” claim grew by +14% vs the year average compared to a +1% growth for the category as a whole.

Only 6% of the items that had Excellent Protein made the claim on the package.


Look For Inspiration Outside Of Your Aisles

Retailers and category captains can collaborate to better understand when they have a complete picture of what’s happening across a store.

For example, Avocado Oil has grown as an ingredient into 31 categories across the store — 11% penetration across the categories.

Across the store products with avocado oil increased dollar sales by 31% versus the year average.

Most Comprehensive Pet Food Trends:

Nielsen Product Insider Pet focuses on popular diets consumers choose for their pets including clean label, grain free, vegan, and high protein. Only Label Insight provides granular attribute data for pet food, and powering Nielsen Product Insider Pet offers manufacturers and brand managers the most comprehensive view of trends in pet food.


Better Analyze categories for growth drivers

Looking beyond the label and diving deeper into the data can help to uncover new opportunities for growth drivers across categories.

For example, All Natural ingredients, Probiotics, Potato, 6–0 ingredients, and Cranberry are all fast-growing trends that are expanding significantly faster than the 1% growth experienced by total dog food.


Understanding specific ingredients will unlock opportunities to differentiate

Get ahead of your competitors and quickly differentiate in a crowded market by garnering insight from ingredient analysis.

For example, dog foods with less common protein ingredients such as venison, duck, and egg have experienced significantly higher growth vs. a year ago.

Greater Clarity in Health & Beauty and Personal Care

The broad category coverage uniquely available in Nielsen Product Insider powered by Label Insight enables insights gathered in one product type to be leveraged across other product types. The Nielsen Product Insider solution for Health & Beauty and Personal Care reveals the why behind the buy for the personal care category not available from other solutions today.


Beyond Claims, Ingredients Matter To Shoppers

As seen in Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty and Personal Care shoppers care about what’s in the product as well as how a product positions.

For example, personal care products that contained the natural lavender fragrance grew at +13% vs the year average and products that marketed as lavender grew at +4% vs a year ago.

While personal care products that contained artificial lavender fragrance lost market share by -4% versus the year average.


Natural Beauty Is Increasingly About What’s NOT In Your Products

Similarly, as in Food & Beverage, we can see that shoppers in natural beauty care about what’s in a product, as much as they care about what’s not in a product.

For example, 15% of skin care shoppers want to buy products without artificial ingredients.


Super Foods Are Also Influencing Personal Care

Finding new ways to differentiate your products requires a fresh way to look at the data and then the confidence in the data to take action.

For example, superfoods such as strawberry, coconut oil, legumes, quinoa, and avocado oil are clearly impacting growth in the shampoo and conditioners category.


Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Michael Teel, CEO


Brand Management Use Case:

Use the Label Insight Explore platform to ensure that all your product data is maintained in one place, and that is accessible to everyone in your team and across the wider organisation. Leverage the smart attributes to share a dieticians level knowledge about your products with your wider team.

Regulatory Use Case:

As a final line of validation, leverage the proprietary regulatory attributes and flag system to ensure that your products meet governmental regulations, mitigating risk of a costly public event.

Marketing Use Case

Learn how what immediate claim opportunities exist for your product that you are presently not leveraging and follow how your competitors are positioning in the ever dynamic and fast moving modern market.

R&D & Formulation Use Case:

Leverage the most detailed relational ingredient taxonomy in the industry to more effectively understand how others are using ingredients in formulations, to follow changing trends, and to discover new formulation opportunitie.

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