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The Rules of Retail Have Changed

Digital Transformation is rewiring the grocery retail business. From the aisle to your mobile device, foundational shifts in shopper experience, assortment, and definitions of health & wellness require a whole new approach to your data and technology.

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Elements of Retail Digital Transformation


High-Order Attributes — The Data Key to Digital Transformation

Today’s shoppers are coming to your shelves with an ever expanding set of questions and needs, and you’re on the hook to deliver — or disappoint. Often, products and their manufacturers themselves are not fully equipped to tell you what you’ll want to be able to provide to your shoppers, leaving you with a critical gap — customers who expect you to have the answers, and your ability to provide them limited to what you can know from the products themselves.

Enter high-order attribute data. A massive and expanding set of product attribute data, derived from the product packaging itself, and designed to enable you to meet consumers needs at the product, shelf, category and storewide levels.




Digital shopper expectations are colliding with analog store realities.

Bricks & Clicks. Click & Pick. Scan & Go. Auto-Replenish — whatever you call your digital transformation, under the hood it revolves around a core strategy: Merging the online and physical shopping touchpoints into a seamless omnichannel experience for the consumer, with as much personalization and detailed accurate product information as possible. Easy to say, tough to execute.


Consumer expectations about omnichannel shopping are evolving rapidly.

E-commerce is creating a range of new default expectations among shoppers increasingly geared towards price, selection, convenience, and seeking healthier choices in every category and every trip. More, those same shoppers are bringing those expectations with them to the conventional store shelf — expecting the same levels of selection, product detail, and choice enablement as they get online. Does the product information on your website match what they will find on the shelf of your store? How will you respond to buying preferences shifting towards product features that are increasingly difficult to track and manage at scale? How can you bring a level of personalization to the store shelf and the digital aisle in a consistent and credible way? We believe the solution relies on a clear and holistic approach to product data — powered by high-order attributes.

Insight and Analytic Solutions for Retailers


Explore For Product Insights

Knowledge about your products is fragmented across your organization with Subject Matter Experts holding deep product data expertise in silos. Mastering product data comprehension requires bringing together and centralization of all of that knowledge for all your products, and for the wider market. Label Insight Explore is a product knowledge platform that gives delivers an unprecedented understanding of your own products and the products across the market. View products from a nutritive, marketing, regulatory, R&D, formulation perspective all on the same platform.

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Explore Plus for Market Insights

Sales data powered by Label Insight provides unparalleled visibility into the changes in consumer buying behavior through the lens of product attributes characteristics themselves. The Label Insight granular product data combined with sales data provides the industry with actionable insight into not only where the market is moving and why it is moving for the first time. Get the why behind the buy.

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Transparency & Personalization Solutions for Retailers


LabelSync for SmartLabel

Label Insight in partnership with 1WorldSync has launched LabelSync — a portfolio of solutions providing a range of approaches to launching SmartLabel pages effective and scalable.

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Label Insight Capture

Label Insight Capture is the industry’s first solution that provides a full suite of high-quality product images and product attribute data from a single unified source. The innovative, turnkey approach enables brands and retailers to easily map both on-package attribute data and high-order attribute data to a robust and complete set of digital images. This offering enables forward-leaning organizations to display the industry’s most complete and informative product data alongside visually captivating imagery that increases transparency, engages shoppers, and drives sales. Images are essential, but a commodity. Label Insight Capture allows organizations to consolidate their image and data strategies to handle all use cases and create operational efficiency.

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Omnichannel Personalization

Attribute powered experiences have a profound transformational impact on consumers. When your merchandising, promotional messaging, in-store wayfinding and e-commerce search and discovery all reflect and respond to shopper-driven preferences for key characteristics like sustainability, diet eligibility, and nutrient features, shoppers say “wow” and keep coming back.

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Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Retailers: Data & Media Monetization

CPG ecommerce is forecasted to grow explosively in the next 5 years. Capturing the growth will require a new approach to shopper experience, but increased site traffic also creates the opportunity for retailers to monetize their online stores as targeted media and promotions environments.

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever has established industry leadership in SmartLabel because not only is product transparency in the spirit of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan,  it also serves to educate consumers on key sustainable living product claims that drive our business.”

Tracy Shepard-Rashkin,
Brand Manager, Top Dish and Sustainability 

Master Digital Transformation with a Complete Data Solution.

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