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Brands Have a Trust Imperative, a Technology Challenge, and A Big Opportunity

Today’s CPG landscape is transforming rapidly. Retailer needs for product information are increasingly complex and granular. Direct sales channel options are fragmenting, e-commerce growth is pressuring digital strategy, and consumers are demanding transparency.

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Consumers Want More From Brands

It’s clear that brand and product transparency has evolved from a consumer trend to a critical decision driving requirement for today’s increasingly discerning shopper. Consumers need to know more, will pay more for brands that give them the information they want, and switch to buying brands they trust are transparent.

Mastering Digital Transformation

Evolving to meet consumer and industry requirements for the next wave of business innovation and growth requires digital mastery across a variety of disciplines and organization functions. From leveraging better data to gain leading insights into product and markets, to optimizing your brand’s transparency story (and the data that powers it) to live in an increasingly omni-channel retail world, understanding the path to digital transformation and leveraging technology and tools designed to make you successful is the path to digital transformation.



The Data Key to Digital Transformation Is

High-Order Attributes 

Assembling a complete, accurate, and scalable dataset across your entire portfolio has never been more critical. It’s no longer enough to rely on the conventional data silos that have formed the conventional foundations of our business — consumer demands require a fresh look at the holistic stack of attribute data. Label Insight offers this view, combining the data and systems you rely on today with a unique new kind of product attribute data — high-order attributes — specifically designed to scale and address the expanding needs of retailers and consumers.




Drive Operation Efficiency With Better Data

Label Insight helps clients significantly reduce costs of and collaboration on master data management by up to 50% with digital process reinvention.

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Brand Data Generation and Visibility 

To meet consumer demand for transparency, CPG brands are tasked with providing detailed product data to all their trade partners, a daunting challenge that requires generating complete and accurate data for many initiatives. In addition to providing that growing set of data, brands must also understand how to their products are being positioned by retailers within a category as they look to differentiate themselves in a crowded and ever-changing marketplace.


Why Brand Data Generation Is Important

Generating and maintaining complete and accurate data is a core business component that has moved from the background to the forefront due to the mandate for transparency. It’s becoming more and more challenging as consumers have come to expect the ability to have a personal lens on your products and every retail partner needs a slightly different set of data to help enable the best customer experience.


Why Brand Data Visibility Is Important

The explosion of product attributes has created an opportunity to gain insight and understanding about why consumers buy, rather than just what they buy. Brands need the ability to understand both how retailers are positioning their products and find the hidden product attributes that are driving sales within the category. Being able to see how various retailers view your product is essential to your category management strategy.


Insights & Analytic Solutions for Retailers




Knowledge about your products can be fragmented across your organization with subject matter experts holding deep product data expertise in silos. Mastering product data comprehension requires the bringing together and centralization of all of that knowledge for all your products, and for the wider market. Label Insight’s "Product Explorer" is a product knowledge platform that delivers unprecedented understanding about your own products and the products across the market. View products from a nutritive, marketing, regulatory, R&D, formulation perspective all in the same platform.








In partnership with Nielsen this platform provides unparalleled insight into the changes taking place across the industry in this disruptive time. The marriage of Label Insight's granular product data with Nielsen's sales data provides the industry with actionable insights to where the market is moving and why.  








LabelSync enables brands to quickly and easily create and organize data to meet SmartLabel-mandated requirements. LabelSync enables manufacturers to source SmartLabel content from a variety of sources, including package flat data and master data through GDSN. Leverage our dedicated SmartLabel expertise, embedded to all working groups on the imitative, so your pages are always in SPEC no matter what changes. Unlock 100+ attributes that maximize SmartLabel as a brand canvas for product transparency in the palm of shoppers’ hands.







Label Insight Capture is the industry’s first solution that provides a full suite of high-quality product images and product attribute data from a single unified source. The innovative, turnkey approach enables brands and retailers to easily map both on-package attribute data and high-order attribute data to a robust and complete set of digital images. This offering from Label Insight enables forward-leaning organizations to display the industry’s most complete and informative product data alongside visually captivating imagery that increases transparency, engages shoppers and drives sales. Images are essential, but a commodity. Label Insight Capture allows organizations to consolidate their image and data strategies to handle all use cases and create operational efficiency.





Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Retailers: Data & Media Monetization

CPG ecommerce is forecasted to grow explosively in the next 5 years. Capturing the growth will require a new approach to shopper experience, but increased site traffic also creates the opportunity for retailers to monetize their online stores as targeted media and promotions environments.

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever has established industry leadership in SmartLabel because not only is product transparency in the spirit of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan,  it also serves to educate consumers on key sustainable living product claims that drive our business.”

Tracy Shepard-Rashkin,
Brand Manager, Top Dish and Sustainability 

Master Digital Transformation with a Complete Data Solution.

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