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Are The Products on your Shelf Speaking The Same Language As Your Customers?

Nearly half of consumers report they feel no more educated about a product after reading the label than they were before they read it.

Check out some of the other surprising key findings from our Ingredient Confusion study.

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See your assortment the way your customers want to. Whether you're looking to gain deeper insight into your product assortment for category management, create custom merchandising strategies aligned to consumer preferences, or enable sophisticated in-aisle wayfinding, shelf-tagging and promotional programs, Label Insight Store Program solutions deliver best-in-class product data at scale to make your innovations come to life.

Unique Insights Across Food & Beverage:

Nielsen’s robust market measurement and Homescan Consumer Panel data combined with Label Insight’s unique high-order attribute data set brings an unmatched level of data granularity, quality, and coverage to food manufacturers and retailers.


Have You Mastered Gluten-Free?

To create a Gluten-Free merchandise section in your store, you need detailed and accurate information about what products qualify, and which ones don’t — just sorting by product title won’t get the job done.

Label Insight high-order attribute data is specifically designed to meet solve this challenge. By providing a deep level of ingredient, nutrient and claims intelligence for every product on your shelf, Store Programs enables custom merchandising towards customer preferences with confidence, and at storewide scale.

Gluten-Free is just one example of how high-order attributes, delivered as Store Programs solutions, can power innovation to your shoppers at the shelf edge.


Wayfinding Reimagined

What if your customers had a different way to navigate through the aisles, tailored toward they way they think about finding products?

Shopper-driven high-order attributes can power unique approaches to Icon Programs in the store, enabling signage, shelf edge messaging, and promotions to speak to today’s shopper questions around diets, nutrition, allergens, sustainability characteristics, and more.


Custom Attributes Drive Differentiation

Putting your own stamp on key health and wellness considerations on behalf of your customers demonstrates your commitment to meeting your consumer's needs.

Custom Attributes are a critical loyalty differentiator only possible with Label Insight high-order attribute data. Define what qualifies products to carry your approval mark, at the category and shelf level, and rapidly deploy custom health and wellness customer initiatives at scale and with confidence.


Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

What our Customers Have To Say

“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Michael Teel, CEO


Raley’s Shelf Guide

Health & Wellness leader Raley’s leveraged a combination of standard and custom high-order attributes to create Shelf Guide — a first of its kind shopper wellness initiative geared to simplifying the customer’s journey to finding products that meet their specific diet, allergen, and nutritional needs.

Regulatory Use Case:

As a final line of validation, leverage the proprietary regulatory attributes and flag system to ensure that your products meet governmental regulations, mitigating risk of a costly public event.

Marketing Use Case

Learn what immediate claim opportunities exist for your product that you are presently not leveraging and follow how your competitors are positioning in the ever dynamic and fast moving modern market.

R&D & Formulation Use Case:

Leverage the most detailed relational ingredient taxonomy in the industry to more effectively understand how others are using ingredients in formulations, to follow changing trends, and to discover new formulation opportunitie.

Enable Your Products To Speak Your Customers' Language

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