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Food & Trust Revolution

Consumers Expect Transparency from Brands

As product transparency takes center stage this year, Label Insight launched a study to further explore consumer expectations for transparency and how it affects purchase decisions. 

switch_stat.pngThe study shows 94% of respondents care about what's in their food and how it's made but only 12% ranked brands as their most trusted source for information. This information is so important to consumers that 37% said they'd be willing to switch brands if another brand shared more detailed product information.

Download the entire study to learn about about:

  • Consumer expectations for transparency
  • How transparency affects shopper decision making
  • The way transparency affects loyalty
  • Consumers’ preferences around digital labeling

Label Insight & SmartLabel™


Ready to get started providing more detailed product information to your customers right now?

One great way to provide the information consumers are looking for is to participate in the SmartLabel™ Initiative. SmartLabel gives consumers easy, instant access to detailed product information.

As the leading SmartLabel solution provider, Label Insight has proven experience with delivering product transparency for the world's leading brands. 

Why Label Insight?

  • Label Insight is the only commercial SmartLabel™ solution provider with proven executions in market.

  • Label Insight powers over 1,900 of Unilever’s best-in-class SmartLabel pages

  • 85% of all brand approved and consumer facing, live SmartLabel™ pages are powered by Label Insight

  • Label Insight offers an unmatched level of data, generating 15,000+ attributes per product. 


We recently launched a study of the ROI of transparency in which 44% of people surveyed said they would trust a brand more if it participated in SmartLabel. Ready to get started providing transparency?

Request a SmartLabel™ consultation to get started.

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