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The Label Insight Learning Center

Transparency & Personalization

The 2016 Label Insight Food Revolution Study

How Consumer Demand forTransparency is Shaping the Food Industry

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The 2016 Label Insight Transparency ROI Study

Driving Long-Term Trust and Loyalty Through Transparency

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2017 Label Insight Shopper Trends Survey

In March of 2017, Label Insight surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their dietary preferences and their ability to find information they need to make informed purchasing decisions

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The Business Case for Product Transparency

Today's consumer is calling for more product transparency, and they're asking specific questions beyond what fits on a standard product label.

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The 2017 Label Insight Ingredient Confusion Study

Confusing Ingredients Cause Shoppers to Consider Switching Brands Even If It Means Paying More

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Shines Spotlight on Sugar Concerns

Consumers’ confusion and concern about sugar has been widely covered, and with good reason.

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Analytics & Insights

Nielsen and Label Insight Announce Strategic Alliance

Nielsen and Label Insight Announce Strategic Alliance to Bring Label Transparency to Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Retailers

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Nielsen and Label Insight Making Transparency Possible for Brands and Retailers

Building on our strategic alliance, Nielsen announced the launch of Nielsen Product Insider, the industry’s first, retail and consumer measurement tool designed to transform on pack, nutrient and food ingredient labels into quantifiable attributes. 

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Innovation & Growth

Amazon’s New Default Setting

With its proven tech infrastructure and scale, Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods adds a highly valuable, much needed pile of bricks to Amazon’s brick+click equation, combining their...

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