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Onboarding Template Title

Label Insight will be providing Target with enhanced product attribution capabilities to enrich Target’s omnichannel initiatives.

As part of this initiative, Target is requiring their suppliers to submit product artwork to Label Insight in order for Label Insight to digitize the product information, and apply 22,000+ product attributes. 


Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Get Your Products Included In Natural Products Expo Connect:

The Natural Products Expo Connect is the new online directory to help attendees plan their show and explore the products showcased at Natural Products Expo East and West.

As an exhibitor, you can highlight the unique features of your products to help interested buyers discover your brand.

To participate in this fast, easy, and free program, the Natural Products Expo requires you to submit your label artwork and a front-of-pack Marketing/Display picture for each UPC to Label Insight.

Please register to start submitting:



Improve Your Products' Discoverability

By submitting product data for Natural Products Expo Connect, you will be helping target attendees and year-round users to discover your brand. Label Insight helps to identify important product features such as Gluten-Free, Organic or Non-GMO and Expo Connect makes it possible to search and filter based on those features.

Submitting your products to Label Insight is essential to improving exposure and
discoverability by the Natural Products audience at Expo and beyond.

By submitting your label artwork to Label Insight, your brand can directly control the
images that populate on the Expo Connect directory.

Only products submitted to Label Insight are eligible for the Featured Product upgrade package available to exhibitors.

To begin participating, register now:


Fast, Easy & Free Product Submission Process

Submitting products for the Natural Products Expo Connect Directory is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
Create A Free Account

Create A Free Account

Set up your free account in 60-seconds and begin submitting your products.

Drag & Drop Your Product Artwork

Drag & Drop Your Label Artwork

Simply drag and drop your label artwork onto our uploader page. You will need to submit BOTH a front of package marketing image and a flat version of your products artwork.

We Send Your Products To Target

We Send Your Products To The Connect Directory

Label Insight tags products with related attributes including ingredients, marketing
claims and certifications and makes them searchable in the Natural Products Expo
Connect directory.

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