To enhance the show experience for buyers, Natural Products Expo is partnering with Label Insight to build an interactive tool for navigating the trade show floor. Ensure your product data is complete, accurate and up-to-date, by uploading all of your available product artwork for all products you plan to highlight at Expo East. You will need to submit both a package design (i.e. label flat) AND marketing image for EACH product. If you have submitted products for previous shows you will need to RESUBMIT all products again. 

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Start by registering for a free basic account that will allow you to upload your products. New Hope requires label images be submitted by August 27th

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It’s easy! Just drag & drop onto our uploader page. You will need to submit both a package design (i.e. label flat) AND marketing image for EACH product. Files can be PNG, PDF, JPEG or JPG format. Files must be high resolution, greater than 270 dpi and less than 40MB each with the final UPC visible.

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After we process your products and score them across 22,000+ attributes, your data will be sent directly to the Natural Products Expo. 

 Label Insight makes the process of submitting your products Fast, Easy, and Free. Please select "Get Started" to start submitting today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is the required file size and type?
We ask that you upload your product artwork or label flat images and the corresponding marketing photo. Please see example below. If you are unsure about the type of file we need please click here
Files must be:
  • PDF, PNG, JPEG, or JPG format
  • Greater than 270 dpi and less than 40MB each
  • High Resolution
  • Final UPC visible

Nothing else is required.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Our company has already submitted our products to Label Insight. Do I have to still submit?


If you have submitted any products to Label Insight for previous expo's or retailers you will need to resubmit all flat artwork and marketing images.

If you do not resubmit your items they will NOT be available in the connect app. 


[fa icon="plus-square"] Will you confirm you have received my images?


You will receive a confirmation notification if your upload is successful. Your images will then be available to view in the "Submitted Images" tab. If you do not see your newly submitted images in the "Submitted Images" tab please reach out directly to our team. You will not receive an email confirmation around your image submission. 

[fa icon="plus-square"] Should I submit all the products in our portfolio?


New Hope Media requires that you submit all products that will be showcased at the Expo. 

[fa icon="plus-square"] Is there a deadline?


In order for your products to be available for the expo directory you will need to submit your products by August 27th.  


[fa icon="plus-square"] How will I know that my products have been successfully submitted?
Once your products are submitted, we will reach out to you with any issues for products. Expo products do not get "onboarded" on our website due to the fact they are only for Expo's. You will need to check the Expo site and app to make sure all images have been transferred.


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