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for Collaborative Category Review


Get your free copy of the Label Insight EXPLORE+ for Collaborative Category Review one sheet for easy referencing and sharing.

Solution Overview

Download your free copy of the EXPLORE+ for Collaborative Category Review one sheet for easy reference or to share with peers, your team, and key stakeholders.

Explore+ delivers the best-in-class attribute data necessary for Category Managers to power attribute-driven innovation throughout their CatMan 2.0 process. Take your category review process to the next level by leveraging comprehensive views of attributes including Allergens & Intolerances, Specialty Diets, Claims & Certifications, Sustainability, Retail Views, and many more, to generate new and unique insights across your category.

With flexible implementation, you can use the Explore platform to validate assumptions or export using API / FTP for full white space exploration and improved understanding of a category.

Analyze your assortment in an attribute driven context and and gain unique insights into how and why your shoppers are making decisions. Invite your suppliers to gain access to the same data and to provide their category expertise in collaboration around the Category Review process.

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