Food Label Data for Developers

LabelAPI by Label Insight simplifies building nutrition-based applications.


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Our 3-step registration process consists of completing the registration form, applying for access to LabelAPI, and completing the license agreement. After completing these steps you will receive your API key.  

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Creating a Session

 In order to make personalized product recommendations to help users find healthier products we need to record actions to a session. You need a session ID before trying any other end points to interact with LabelAPI. 

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Setting a Profile

Why are profiles key to using LabelAPI? Set a profile for each user based on their preferences and your app will deliver alternate choices of products based on the research of our dedicated staff of nutrition experts.

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Our Documentation

Our written documentation page breaks down every method we have available in our API. It defines each component of each method and which are required or optional. The output of each method is also displayed so you see what to expect. Our interactive documentation page allows you to try each of our methods with live data from the FoodEssentials database once you've registered and logged in without having to write any code. 


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