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Food Label Data for Developers

Label Insight's Configurable API simplifies building nutrition-based applications. Label Insight's Prism and SPECS help you unlock the power of product data by enabling highly dynamic versatility and customization to meet a range of business needs. Get started by requesting more information about Label Insight's Configurable API.

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Consumer Engagement

Our API allows apps to get accurate product information as part of their health and wellness service for consumers, power their IoT connected appliances, help tailor their meal programs to consumer diet needs, and more. Start harnessing control of the accuracy of your product data across a broad landscape of syndicated channels!


Robust Data

Label Insight captures each discrete piece of information on a product label, enabling those components to be rearranged, re-organized, re-grouped and expanded to include latent, implicit information not included on the package itself.

Label Insight Prism

The Label Insight Prism treats product packaging information much the same way a prism treats white light – by breaking down all of  the individual components into their basic unique level. Our technology makes visible each and every discrete wavelength of data about the product, even those not visible on the physical package.


Label Insight SPECS offer a solution to each customer’s specific product data use case and provides the highest level of attribute organization.

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