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Explore Plus for Category Management is a best-in-class solution to help Category Managers respond to Transparency and Attribute-Driven Buying Behavior.
CatMan + Transparency White Paper by Gordon Wade

CatMan + Transparency White Paper

In this white paper, Gordon Wade, one of the original developers of the Category Management discipline, explores how consumer demand for transparency is changing the way the CPG industry as a whole operates and the way it’s reshaping the Category Management profession.


Label Insight Explore Plus for Category Management

Today’s shoppers are looking closely at products, and their requirements for finding items they want are changing rapidly — brands that addresses their specific questions and needs are capturing more than their fair share of sales. Category Managers can unlock this growth by leveraging data that incorporates not only the “what” about products, but the “why behind the buy”. Now there is a new type of data to power innovative analytics and drive CatMan frameworks.



Consumers Demand Transparency

Transparency is Driving Consumer Behavior

Consumer demand for transparency is one of the most powerful attitudinal trends driving shopper behavior, and it’s changing the way the CPG industry operates. Consumers are making purchase decisions based on product features and attributes not typically included on packaging or employed in the practice of category management. Today’s consumers want to see everything from ingredient definitions, country of origin, to sustainability practices and diet eligibility.

Full Spectrum of Product Attribute Data

High-Order Attributes Are the Key To Understanding the "Why"

The key to unlocking transparency and utilizing it in your CatMan strategy is a new class of product attribute information that is specifically designed to meet evolving consumer expectations — high-order attributes.

High-Order Attributes =
Next-Generation Category Management

Label Insight Explore Plus enables our unique high-order attribute data to deliver market driving insights focused on specific product attributes and how they impact consumer buying behaviors.




Opportunities Revealed: Free-From Artificial Flavors

Identify Category Growth Opportunities

Even while grocery, club, and mass channel are flat and forecasted to decline, growth opportunities exist across the store and in every category. Uncovering the product attributes that consumers are buying toward, such as “free from” claims, can enable you to harness growth that outpaces the category… and your competition.


Discover Attribute-Driven Category Insights

Trusting attributes for market measurement a can unlock growth driving insights that inform strategy.

For example, Free-From Artificial Ingredients, and All Natural Ingredient ice cream products are driving accelerated growth beyond the total category.

Growing and Emerging Trends in the category highlight whitespace for Category Decision Tree (CDT) and scorecard innovation to enhance both product and category growth strategies.


Look Beyond Your Marketing Claims

Manufacturers and brand managers can be more effective by following consumer preferences to find new opportunities. For example, Ice Cream with the claim “Good Source of Fiber” grew +505% vs +1.6% for the entire category.

Inspiration Outside of the Aisle

Look for Inspiration Outside of Your Aisle

Retailers and category captains can collaborate to better understand when they have a complete picture of what’s happening across a store.

For example, avocado, as an ingredient is present, is 790 brands and has expanded to over 220 categories across the store, including ice cream.


High-Order Attributes Impact Category Management Plans

Leveraging high-order attribute enables innovation throughout your category management plans.



Build Product Data Expertise

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Include First Differentiator or Process Step Here

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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“Unilever would never have been able to implement SmartLabel across the vast majority of its portfolio in only 6 months without partnering with Label Insight. Their incredibly responsible, collaborative, and flexible team were great to work with.”

Michael Teel, CEO

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