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Industry Standard Technology tailored to your new product needs.

Label Insight Brand Studio gives you the same best-in-class solution that Fortune 500 brands and retailers use today.

Industry Standard Technology tailored to your new product needs.

You have a great product, now you need great digital content to power your success in e-commerce and grocery retail. As the industry leader in product information, we’ve built a turnkey solution to provide all of the images and data needed to succeed with retail partners and consumers. Now with Brand Studio, small and medium-sized businesses have access to the same toolkit as global CPG leaders, for just $75 per product!


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High-Resolution Images are Essential

It’s never been more important to have high-quality images that put your product’s best foot forward and it’s never been easier for you to get those images. Brand Studio is a single-source for all your high-resolution product photography needs.

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Your Product Is Only As Good As The Data Behind It

In today’s consumer empowered climate, your product is only as good as its content, and your most important content is your product data. Whether you need the core data for nutrients and ingredients, or want the data for hard to discern attributes like specialty diets and intolerances, ensuring your brand has accurate and complete product data is a key to successfully meeting the consumer demand for transparency.

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What You Get With Brand Studio

Label Insight Brand Studio is the best place for you to address all your core digital content needs. It’s easier than ever to get best-in-class images and product data that sets the industry standard from a single partner.

For just $75/product, Brand Studio gives you:


Upgrade Options

Choosing Label Insight Brand Studio also lets you consider additional data and content for your products. These options don’t need to be decided initially, but after you get started with Brand Studio, these upgrades are easy and affordable options to add.


LabelSync for SmartLabel

LabelSync enables brands to easily participate in the SmartLabel initiative and meet the mandated requirements while expanding their transparency story to consumers.


Label Insight Explore with High-Order Attributes

Expand your product data to meet the consumer demand for transparency with Label Insight’s High Order Attribute Views. Label Insight Explore helps brands with this consumer-focused set of product data with Views like Allergens & Intolerances, Specialty Diets, Sustainability, and more.




How Brand Studio Works

Create all this essential digital content for $75 per product in 3-easy steps.


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