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Why Digital is the Best Way to Comply with Disclosure Laws

Disclosure legislation is appearing more frequently as consumers increasingly demand transparency from brands into the products they buy. The California […]

What to Know About the Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard

New disclosure standards always create challenges for CPG brands, and the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (NBFDS) is no exception. […]

Win the Digital Shelf with Regulatory and E-Commerce Collaboration

With online grocery revenue reaching $9 billion in the US alone in January 2021, up from $7.5 billion in August […]

How Product Attribute Data Combined with Subject Matter Expertise Delivers Value For Your Business

With over 200 million shoppers adhering to a particular diet or health-related eating program, the importance of a balanced diet […]

Retailers: What Strategic Initiatives Can You Power with Complete Product Data?

On average, retailers are failing to return 92% of qualifying products on their e-commerce sites, meaning for every 10 products […]

Grow and Scale your Business with Label Insight’s New QR Code Solution

We’re excited to share our newest offering: Label Insight QR Codes. Paired with our best-in-class SmartLabel solution, CPGs can now […]

6 Benefits of Providing a Better Grocery E-Commerce Customer Experience

From a consumer perspective, the online grocery experience is broken. While an increasing majority of consumers are shopping based on […]

Are Your Customers Confused about Common Household Product Ingredients?

Traditionally, household cleaners have not been required to disclose ingredients on-package. But now that California has passed the California Cleaning […]

Navigate the Lasting Impacts of COVID-19 to Boost Product Discoverability and Consumer Trust

As COVID-19 cases rise again, it’s clear there will be a lasting impact on the way consumers shop online. According […]

Are You Missing Out on Revenue Due to Unoptimized CPG Product Listings?

Grocery e-commerce is witnessing massive shifts in consumer behavior. While grocery shopping was almost entirely brick-and-mortar as little as five […]

Tap Into Unclaimed Trending Consumer Search Terms to Fuel E-Commerce Growth

87% of food products fail to claim 1 of their 3 most searched attributes. By not claiming the qualifying attributes, […]

“Naturally Sourced” Sunscreen is growing 7 times faster.

As the summer sun finally triumphed over the clouds that plagued the Midwest all spring, the FDA released a timely […]