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The contributions of these individuals to our industry and our company are significant and inform a perspective we hope will be valuable and inspirational to the next generation of women in technology.

Leadership Profile: Anna Thibaut

Posted March 12, 2021

Throughout March, Label Insight is profiling female leaders from across our company in honor of Women’s History Month. The contributions of these individuals to our industry and our company are significant and inform a perspective we hope will be valuable and inspirational to the next generation of women in technology.

Here’s a perspective from Anna Thibaut, Senior Solutions Consultant at Label Insight:

What attracted you to join Label Insight?

What really sold me on Label Insight was the culture. It might sound like a cliché, but the team at Label Insight has truly felt like a family from the first day I stepped into our St. Louis office almost five years ago. The founders and leadership at Label Insight have curated an environment that encourages its employees to think creatively, speak their minds, and stay true to themselves. Being surrounded by outstanding teammates who are empowered and unafraid to contribute to the conversation is the inspiration that keeps me coming back day after day. 

This setting has been critical to my growth and development as a person and as a professional. When I was hired at Label Insight, my background was not in technology. However, my unique experiences and opinions were still highly valued and accepted by my peers from day one. I get to see the direct, measurable impact my contributions make on our data and our product development. This quickly translates to an impact on the lives of consumers who are trying to shop for products that meet their own health and wellness needs. Each and every employee at Label Insight is responsible for making people’s lives better, and what could be more rewarding than that?

What’s the professional accomplishment of which you’re most proud?

I played a key role in the initial development of Target’s wellness icon program for their non-food categories. When I was able to walk into my local Target store and see those icons on signage and shelf tags, it was an impactful moment for me. This visual aid was helping shoppers make better product choices at an industry-leading store like Target, and I was a part of it. It was an incredibly rewarding moment for me.

Which female leaders or mentors have inspired you in your life or your career?

I have always been interested in women who have fought to compete in male-dominated fields throughout history. I have a degree in chemistry so obviously, Marie Curie comes to mind. But, I also draw great inspiration from female punk-rock artists like Patti Smith who helped push the boundaries of how women could communicate their experiences.

More personally, I am inspired daily by the young women I work with at Label Insight. The women of Label Insight are an incredible group of some of the smartest and most capable humans I know. I often find myself in a meeting room (pre-COVID) or on a Zoom call with a group of women who are power-house subject matter experts tasked with innovating, influencing the industry, and leading our company to success.

What advice would you give to women just starting out in technology careers?

Don’t make the assumption that others know more than you do. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but more likely you each have a unique set of knowledge and perspective that can combine to create a deeper understanding. Speak up, ask questions, put yourself out there. On the other hand, don’t make the assumption that you know more than others do. Listen, show respect, support your team. You’re all just people, with the best intentions, trying to build something great together. 

Any interesting product trends out there that connect to Women’s History Month?

We’re starting to see more products in our database making on-package statements about women-owned businesses. Consumers are demanding more inclusion, and retailers are taking an active interest in stocking their shelves with products that were made by women and by people of color. 23% of products made by women-owned businesses are in the cosmetics aisle, with skincare being the most prevalent category. I’m also seeing a growing handful of women owned businesses in the candy, chocolate, ice cream, and coffee categories. If you’re looking to support women, take a look at Miss Spa for your pampering needs, Taliah Waajid brand for curly hair, and Coolhaus to soothe your sweet tooth.

Most surprising to me is that there are so few feminine personal care products made by women, at only 1% of the category. Hoping to see an upward trend in this category in 2021! For now, support The Honey Pot Company to purchase products made especially for women, by women.