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Product transparency initiatives that ultimately benefit each and every one of us as consumers.

How Innovation Helps Us Achieve Our Mission at Label Insight

Posted August 19, 2019

We recently announced that we were granted our second patent. The patent is titled “Information Management System for Product Ingredients” and covers our “method for deconstructing, analyzing, and confirming the information on consumer products using technology”.

That’s some impressive jargon, but it belies the true value of the innovation we’re delivering to the manufacturers and retailers that trust us to support their product transparency initiatives. Product transparency initiatives that ultimately benefit each and every one of us as consumers.

We founded Label Insight with the mission to help consumers better understand the products they use and consume. Our unique ability to achieve this mission is tied to our unique ability to deconstruct and analyze product information on behalf of our customers.

The key to our approach around how we deconstruct and analyze product data is understanding that it is never static. As consumers continually refine what they want to eat and put on their bodies, this data is continually evolving. We break down all aspects of the product, based on nutrients, ingredients, claims, even product title. We then reconstruct them into the thousands of attributes per product, to address this explosive demand for transparency our customers are experiencing.

The importance of product transparency is increasingly driven by consumer demand. Here’s an example of how we’re helping our great retail customer Raley’s that illustrates how we’re applying our unique capabilities, in partnership with manufacturers and retailers, to deconstruct and analyze product data to truly empower consumers.  

As our latest patent proves, we’re achieving our mission through innovation. And, we’re doing so in a way that helps our manufacturer and retailer customers provide additive value to the consumer. We’re very excited to be applying our innovation at the intersection of consumers, products, and retailers, and I’m personally energized by what future benefits our innovation is sure to deliver.