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API Version Policy

API Version Support Policy

Label Insight recommends that new client applications use the most recent versions of our RESTful APIs in order to have access to the latest features.

API Versioning

All Label Insight APIs are numbered using the following scheme:

Major:  Includes major new features, potential deprecations and restructuring.  A major release marks the start of the countdown to API End-of-Life for the previous release.  Major releases are communicated to API partners in advance of their release.

Minor:  Includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Minor releases are communicated to API partners in advance of their release. A minor release marks the start of the countdown to API End of Life for the previous minor version.  A minor version will EOL along with its deprecated major version regardless of the timing of the minor version’s release.

Patch:  These “dot” releases include bug fixes only.  Patch releases maintain compatibility with their parent Major . Minor release.

Hotfix:  These emergency releases include only a single bug fix and are typically used to alleviate a Production environment showstopper that can not wait for a patch release.  Hotfixes maintain compatibility with their parent Major . Minor . Patch release.

Backward Compatibility

Label Insight will support superseded APIs for six months.  During that time the superseded API will continue to be hosted on Label Insight servers.  Partners are encouraged to use this time to upgrade their clients to the latest API release.

Label Insight does not guarantee that an application written against one API version will work with future API versions: Changes in method signatures and data representations are often required as we continue to enhance the API. However, we strive to keep the API consistent from version to version so that minimal (if any) changes are required to port applications to newer API versions.

API End-of-Life

APIs that have been superseded for more than six months are considered to be at End-of-Life.  To maintain the innovation, quality and performance of the API, End-of-Life versions will no longer be available on our platform.  When an API version is scheduled to be unsupported, an advance end-of-life notice will be given at least six months before support for the API version is ended. Label Insight will directly notify customers using API versions scheduled for end of life.

Policy Revisions

Label Insight reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Revision reasons may include, but are not limited to: security changes, industry advances, new features and capabilities or business changes.